and all this time I thought you were minimalist…


Thats hilarious!


nice! Make sure you post some pics




Getting close to a desirable layout, i think…


Designer Alexey “Ratatuy” Konygin; Edge 4.5"; Handle titanium and zirconium


Nice! One can never have enough knives!


10 Gen2 PMAGs for 223/300BO from PSA. They are on sale for $7.99 with free shipping for 10+.


Awesome! I also seen Palmetto was selling 1000 rounds of the 62 grain green tip with 10 mags. Good time to buy!


I saw that as well, but didn’t want to buy ammo at the moment.


I’m not as strong as you, that is why i’m out of ammo cans again lol


… more affordable Legos from Palmetto to put together lol! $129 complete lowers, $299 complete upper, including magpul bus. Sig romeo 5 red dot $109



Pandora opened a box and evil was released into the world. My box gives me something, perhaps, with which to temporarily postpone evil’s triumph.

Pelican iM2950 Storm Case (29" x 18" x 10.5") SHTF Comfort Kit

Compact/reflective/windproof/water-resistant/breathable bivvy bag, OD/aluminized tarp, contractor trash bag, reflective survival poncho, plash palatka canvas tarp/ half-shelter, folding saw, headlamp, paracord, 810# tarred twine, wire, area map, whistle/signal mirror on neck chain, gloves, fire kit, blowout kit in med pouch, stainless canteen/mess kit in belt pouch. Water filter /purification tabs, fuel tabs, etc.; 4 packages freeze-dried food (red beans/rice and breakfast scramble/eggs), spare batteries [CR123, AA, DL1/3N, CR1632].

Gallon bag accessory packet: Salt/pepper, sugar, seasoning, broth mix, coffee/tea/creamer, hard candy, tootsie rolls, gum, electrolyte, drink mixes, beverage bag, flameless ration heater, large spork, napkin, toothbrush/paste/floss, choc pudding powder, energy bar, caffeine tablets, analgesic, antacids, facial tissue, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, moleskin, band-aids, Celox granules, gauze pad, insect rep wipes, sunscreen, soap bar, shampoo/detergent, lip balm, compressed towelettes, bandana, mini chem-lights, zip-ties, ranger bands, duct tape, matches, small notebook, pencil, safety pins, needles, 20# test braided thread, waxed repair thread, 3 Speedhooks with braided fishing line .

Colt LE6920MPS-B M-4 with Magpul MOE SL (Slim Line) handguard (M-LOK), Vltor EMOD stock, J P Enterprises full mass bolt carrier group, LAW Tactical G Gen 3 folding stock adapter, MOE vertical grip (w spare 1/3N and CR123 batteries inside), MOE trigger guard, MBUS Gen 2 flip up rear sight, MOE Plus pistol grip, Pistol grip core with lube bottle, B.A.D. Lever extended bolt catch, QD sling mount, Paraclip sling mount, MS4 Gen 2 Multi-Mission sling, cantilever rail section, Magpul offset light mount, Olight M1X Striker flashlight , Aimpoint Pro red dot sight (DL1/3N battery) with rubber cover, killflash, and clear front (and back) flip up cover, ALG Defense ACT trigger, bayonet barrel adapter, barrel mount for Steiner DBAL A3, Geissele Super 42 braided wire buffer spring and buffer, Radian Raptor ambi charging handle, extra batteries and spare parts kit in stock [Front Pivot Pin, Takedown Pin, Extractor, Gas Rings, Firing Pin Retaining Pin (3), Detent (Selector), Takedown Detents, Trigger Pin, Hammer Pin, Hammer Spring, Trigger Spring, Firing Pin, Extractor Pin, Gas Tube Roll Pin, Ejector Roll Pin, Rear Base Spring Pin, Trigger Guard Pin, Bolt Catch Release Pin, Buffer Retainer Spring, Selector Spring, Bolt Catch Spring, Detent Spring, Ejector Port Cover Spring, Front Sight Spring, Ejector Spring, Extractor Spring Assembly, Disconnector Spring, Detent Spring, Magazine Catch Spring]. PMAG and spare ammo (160 rounds .223; 40 rounds 9mm). Also, 2 Magpul D60 mags, full.

Kryptek Highlander plate carrier, AR500 curved advanced lightweight shooter’s cut level III+ front armor plate with build-up spall coating and level III+ flat 10”X12” square cut back plate. 21 round 9mm mag, SOG PowerAccess Deluxe multitool with bit set, Fenix PD35 flashlight with Cerakote finish, 3 PMAG 30 round mags w 55gr. SP ammo., Ka-Bar BK11 fixed blade knife. Rigger’s belt with Sig Sauer P320C-9-B-RX 9mm with Romeo reflex optic, Olight PL-MINI 2 light, and extra mag in modified drop-leg holster loaded with Remington High Terminal Performance 9mm +P 115 JHP. OKC3S bayonet.

Be READY. Or, be FU*KED.




Still some room in the corners! :roll_eyes:


how do those 60 round drum mags run?


NEVER a hiccup! The new .308 drums should be out soon.


Wow! :sunglasses: