The cat used to leave hair everywhere. Then I got a vacuum sealer. Problem solved! :smirk:




Didn’t necessarily need it, but when the price is right…






I hope you all know about Numrich and their HUGE inventory of all things gun. They carry military surplus as well. You can’t beat a helmet for under $10, or an MG-3 belt that will hold some spare .308 rounds.

You go to buy a sight elevator for an obsolete rifle, check the sales page, and this is what happens! At least I got out of there for under $25 this time. If you’re looking for the oddball stuff, check them out.



LoL! @ThisOldGun


@ThisOldGun, very nice!


This is the final product for my Ruger Precision 308 rifle .Turned out great! Thanks to @Detonics (he did all the tracing, cutting & work & had some excellent design insight & alterations) i’ve never done a case before, so my hard work consisted of pretty much watching & learning.


@LonewolfMcQuade Very nice setup Sir! You all are dangerous company. Too many good ideas here.


Thank you! I might have to change the title of this thread to “This is why I’m broke” lol


That’s what I’m talking about! Ever since I joined the forum some wants have turned into needs as I’ve seen what others have set up and done.


I hear that! Lmao


Awesome job! :open_mouth:





Great buy! A sexy Spyderco accented with pure silver.


These! (When they’re in stock.) I
Never in my life would I have expected a quality lower at this price!




BCA AR-15 16" Black Nitride 4150 Steel Contour Barrel, 6.5 Grendel Type II, Straight Flutes, Carbine Length Gas System w/ 1:8 Twist

SKU: 200-B6.5CM41618(MF)

1 $78.12
BCA 6.5 Grendel Type II Bolt Carrier Group

SKU: BCG65-15

1 $59.99
Msgs and ammo also on the way


sounds like you’re building a kick-ass gun! Can’t wait to see the pics on this!


Have a 9mm rifle that will not run right. Pretty sure it is the bolt. For about the same cost of a new bolt I can change to a larger caliber. The grendel looks interesting.