Buy while you can guys, don’t know what the Democrats have in store for you tomorrow…





Not gonna lie, that is awesome. I wonder what the ft.lbs of energy this has. Hmmmm

Caliber: 0.177
Weight: 7.4 gr
Velocity: 430fps
Muzzle energy: ~3 ft.lbs …?

Steel BBs are 5.1 gr so less energy


The Grendel barrel and BCG showed up. As did the m lok free float tube
Just waiting on the ammo, mags, and headspace gauges.


The GR22 chassis showed up too. Sure doesn’t look like a 10/22 any more


Sweet builds!!! Cant wait to hear the range reports.


Talk me out of it. GO!



Talk you out of it? He’ll no! Our job here is to help fellow addicts blow their life savings, retirement fund, or great-grandkids inheritance! Just do it! It looks to be a good price too, price might go up tomorrow if you don’t order today!


Henry makes a lever action .410


I’m only posting this up as a possible future purchase when I decide to unload more of my vintage game collection. My bonus in March will be tied up in the Glock 20 most likely. I do know that if I decide the G20 factory-barrel-twist-causing-tumbling issue shy’s me away from it I may get this. So many things I want so little money/time. :cowboy_hat_face: