I finally cleared out 105 MB on my computer, downloading ARK now!

I’m on Steam as Harambe without a number, with Heero Yuy as my avatar face.

I have been working really hard to clear out all the extra Memes from my laptop and I can finally download arc and fit it into my computer. It’s literally been at 98% full, so the work must continue.

The symptom of downloading my phone photos periodically into my computer for the last five years. I went and got a high capacity thumb drive so I just had it all backed up in there so I don’t feel guilty to delete my photos. It’s mostly political Memes and funny Memes.

I am a huge fan of NEEBS Gaming and so I saw them playing arc so much, I wanted to do it myself. I’m at 87% right now. And I’ve been downloading since last night. Are any of you guys on ARK? Hit me up on Steam.