I friggin HATE Chiggers

I encountered these evil creatures when i was a kid hiking through fields and wooded areas. Well, last weekend at the races, we had a “dirt devil” come through. I was stuck under the car and couldn’t go anywhere. This little dust storm had apparently picked up the Chiggers in the fields and deposited the little bastards all over us. After a Clorox bath and a crapload of Benadryl, I can finally stop scratching. Moving north sounds better everyday.


Remind again what a chigger is?

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its a tiny tiny little bug that likes to get inside your clothes and bites you like a tick. When you scratch, it moves and bites you again, and again… The bites are really itchy whelps like what you would experience from a mosquito. You have to kill the chiggers so they don’t keep moving and biting. hence the clorox bath.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Holy crap!


I did! I don’t know what you are thinking of

I hate them, too. They can get real bad here in Texas.

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The heat down here in AZ keeps em away…they turn into teeny tiny briquettes about the time they cross the border lol :joy:


I believe you about the heat. I notice that when it’s over 98 degrees or so, they don’t come out. Neither do the mosquitoes.

Back in the 90’s, I lived for a few years in the California desert, about an hour west of Yuma (El Centro/Imperial Valley area). Beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather in the late Fall, Winter and early Spring. But summer time would sometimes get up to 124 degrees! The few years I lived out there I never got bit by any kind of bug! Only insects I saw were flies and some teeny little white flying things. No mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas, deer fly, ticks, ground hornets, biting gnats or any of the other stinging, biting demon bugs that have bitten me while living in Florida, Mississippi and Texas. And I remember seeing only one roach while I was out there. That dry desert weather sure was great from a biting bug and allergy perspective!

Anyway, spraying copious amounts of insect repellent usually keeps most chiggers away from me. I still manage to get one or two, but not the 100 or more bites that have covered my body a few times and kept me awake with their torturous itch for a week.


We’ve got em here big time in the swamplands of coastal NC. I have either started becoming immune to their nonsense or we have cut down the population. Not as bad last summer as it has been in the past.