I friggin HATE Chiggers


I encountered these evil creatures when i was a kid hiking through fields and wooded areas. Well, last weekend at the races, we had a “dirt devil” come through. I was stuck under the car and couldn’t go anywhere. This little dust storm had apparently picked up the Chiggers in the fields and deposited the little bastards all over us. After a Clorox bath and a crapload of Benadryl, I can finally stop scratching. Moving north sounds better everyday.


Remind again what a chigger is?


its a tiny tiny little bug that likes to get inside your clothes and bites you like a tick. When you scratch, it moves and bites you again, and again… The bites are really itchy whelps like what you would experience from a mosquito. You have to kill the chiggers so they don’t keep moving and biting. hence the clorox bath.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Holy crap!


Hey hey…I thought we had to keep it pg13 and a half around here.



I did! I don’t know what you are thinking of


Lol…im just kidding, lets bump this up a notch.


I hate them, too. They can get real bad here in Texas.