I got lucky at a gun bash


I went to a gun bash on Sat. Small local Fire Dept. There were 24 guns raffled off & this was the first. It was also the one I wanted most. I never used my shooting gloves much in the past but I think I will for this one.


Nice gun. Shame it don’t have the brake. Personally, I would look in to getting on installed. My 500 mag has a brake and a 8" barrel and shoots great. Another thing I would strongly suggest is getting a set of reloading dies. For perhaps a little over $150 you can be reloading and saving a ton. I reload for 20-25 cents per round. Which is way better than $2.50-$5.00 a round. Also consider getting a bullet mold and casting rounds. You will love shooting it once the cost of shooting it is gone.


I appreciate your advice on the muzzlebrake. My 500 mag is also 8 3/4” barrel but has a compensator instead of a brake. Although a brake would reduce recoil I don’t plan on a lot of shooting. Same thing with the reloading aspect. It will be up to which ever member of my family that gets it after I croak to make any changes.


I should have said 8 3/8” barrel.


Nice, congrats.






Woot!! Woot!!!