I guess anyone can run for office


This one is getting it good on twitter today.


Twatwaffle, brain dead Twatwaffle. .



I am more dumber for having read this.


She’s still on twitter defending her statements.


How? How can you defend something that fundamentally ignorant and factually incorrect?


Cuz true dumb doesn’t know it’s dumb.


I went and watered my woman’s plants with gatorade after reading that.


Ahhh…the derp is strong with this one…I can feel the wind from that tweet all the way over here in Phoenix…it is a retarded wind…


That woman will be president in 20 years.


@Sarge4206th, you’re awfully a pessimistic / glass half-empty kinda person aren’t ya? :wink:


It was a joke lol. You seem to be a half empty person lol


Hard to see it was a joke when the context is pretty plain. :+1:


Dry humor is hard on the interwebs


Yup. Tis why I like dealin with people in person. Hah.


So maybe I’m blonde, but where is she running for office and for what office exactly? I didn’t see that on Twitter. I did see the stupid though. That was hard to miss.


I dont care for people in general, its why I am a troll…well, excluding you degenerates of course.


Ok I got nothing.


As I recall, she is running for US House of Representatives, in 2020, from MA. I don’t know which district, though.


Looks like her target for today, is internal combustion engines. She’s claiming that gasoline is heavily subsidized with tax dollars, and that there are kits available to swap out the gas engine in your car for an electric motor, making it more reliable, easier and cheaper to maintain, and cheaper to operate.

She’s going to have to try harder, if she wants to top her claim, from a few days ago, that allowing private companies to land on the moon is concerning, because dropping rocks from the moon can be as devastating as 100 atomic bombs.

She has admitted, indirectly, in some of her statements that much her knowledge is based on gaming experience.

Edit: She’s posting all this ‘electric is the way to go’, while also posting a picture of her Porsche daily driver.


I would swear it’s a satire page, if it wasn’t a verified account.