I guess words hurt a lot


Today I have been accused of.

Being a Nazi, a racist, a homophobe, a transphobe, a drooling moron, an idiot, stupid, a bigot, a coward, and a few others I don’t recall.

I’ve also been told it’s OK to attack, insult, belittle, and beat anyone like me simply because I don’t care if what I do offends them. I’ve been told words hurt far more than I could know and beating me with a bike chain is justifiable. I’ve been told to stop doing things out of respect for other people,

Why all of this? Well, keyboard warriors are very tough within their safe space behind a computer screen.

Freedom of expression extends beyond what you like, it also includes what I like. I can disagree with another person, even if I hate what they believe without stooping to insults. If I see something I don’t like, I walk past. If I hear something I don’t agree with, I change the stations. I don’t demand the world change to suit my weakness. I don’t have weakness because I exercise my rights.

All of this because some people have given a simple red hat a lot of power. And they wonder why Trump won.




Great speech, Tactical_Reviews.

Like the hat, too!



This guy (James Dorian Gaynes) is a real sicko!

No wonder the liberals create so many problems! They have people like him (Gaynes), as part of their group!


Typical liberal / democrat today. Almost all of the regular moderate democrats who are good people are moving further to the middle because of how toxic their party and the left has got. This douche just illustrates this opinion perfectly.


The liberal pathogen is spreading, and there’s no obvious cure in the foreseeable future. You can’t argue with stupid. I feel bad for people like that who will throw all sense out the window, because of a hat. At the same time it raises my blood pressure. It’s a damn shame


There is a growing disconnection from young people and non-white ethnicities with some of this crap the left is putting out. You just need to take a peek at the user base of people like Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro. It’s a ray of hope in a sea of cesspool shit that is the democratic party. I suspect the technology that we all older people (Gen X and older) hate is giving the young people an easy way for them to research this stuff.

The part that concerns me the most is just how the left is so comfortable with the violence towards whom they disagree. Clearly outlined in TR’s post. Weren’t they supposed to be the touchy feely bleeding heart party? My my how things have changed in the last ~20 years.


For me, it’s all entertainment. My wife tells me I’m a professional asshole. I keep telling her I’m a hemorrhoid, I irritate assholes.


Love and tolerance at it’s best.



Carry on!

I love your stuff!!!





I think we need to do an official poll here. is TR an assshole or just a hemorrhoid or option C the whole ass! Or d, all of the above.



Now see here, who you callin’ an asshole yea?! Watch ya mouth, WATCH YA MOUTH!


Lol Those guys are idiots. I see alot of them around here in Oregon, the Antifa sjw types are mostly intolerant hypocrites that act off of impulse and blind rage.


Incite…I think I am seeing an underlying problem here. :slight_smile:


I was wearing this hoody when I had an SJW flip out then sucker punch me, bet he dosnt try it again.


Seems like getting them to flip out isn’t hard. I’m starting to believe there in perpetual flipitude.


I never have that problem anymore. I used to — back before these days of flakebook, youtube, and gurgle. But those fine folks simply make sure nobody knows I exist.


Anybody wanting a 3%er or deplorable hoody should checkout these guys, I love their stuff. Ive bought two hoodies and a t shirt from them, good quality stuff.


Speaking of this,

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