I have a dream: Laws I'd like passed

Section 1: Unlawful seizure of arms

A) A person who attempts, conspires, threatens or actually seizes, authorizes or orders seizure of, or apportions resources or funds to seize, any arms from another who was not

  1. committing a violent felony, or

  2. making a specific, credible threat to commit a violent felony, or

  3. making a specific, credible threat to commit suicide, or

  4. illegally entering an area secured by arms detection checkpoints and a reasonable number of guards reasonably capable of and responsible for defending those in the area with both normal and deadly force, and for which the owner or security manager can be held liable and sued in case of inadequate security, or

  5. unable or manifestly unwilling to limit use of their own deadly force to lawful purposes, such as but not limited to cases of inebriation or current mental or bodily impairment, or due to the unusual nature of the arms and situation, or

  6. lawfully arrested or detained for a reason aside from merely possessing the arms in question, where if the arms keeper or bearer is released, the arms are duly and promptly returned,

is guilty of violating the natural right to keep and bear arms.


B) It is specifically prohibited

  1. to seize any arms under color of law, pursuant to a process with no offense entailed, or

  2. to seize any arms under color of law for a mild offense posing no danger to the public, such as but not limited to cases of a mere possessory offense, or any other offense that by law cannot result in incarceration or execution for the safety of the public, except for the duration of a lawful detention or arrest, or

  3. in case of a lawful temporary arms seizure during a detention or arrest, to unduly impede their immediate return upon release of the person, or

  4. to build, maintain or fund any kind of body of data that can be queried, filtered or cross-referenced, etc. to list arms-related persons, locations, transactions, or other information in such a manner that it alone or in combination with other information could be used to systematically seize arms en masse.

B2) It is further prohibited to impose any prohibition, limit, delay, license, tax, or fine; in order to keep, bear on publicly-accessible property; buy, sell, loan, transfer; manufacture, modify, maintain; or use in training, research, defense, hunting, recreation, or sport; any kind of arms, except in the least restrictive manner, narrowly-tailored and necessary to prevent likely or widespread injury to the immediate neighborhood. by

1. significant exposure to chemicals, radiation, dust, or ongoing sounds,

2. fires,

3. similar environmental damages, or

4. persons convicted of violent offenses.


C) If a person does attempt, conspire, threaten or actually seize, authorize or order seizure of, or apportion resources or funds to seize, any arms as described in parts A) and B) above, in a forceful or tumultuous manner, that person is guilty of a violent felony. Additionally, such a person shall be considered an imminent deadly threat, whether acting under color of law or not.


Section 2: Deadly defense of shelter and immovable property

A) Being that territory and shelter controlled by criminals pose a deadly threat to the neighborhood in range of their forces and weapons, deadly force may be used to defend any landed, immovable property, lawfully-placed dwelling, or lawfully-placed and lawfully-occupied vehicle from threatened, attempted, or actual unlawful seizure, trespass or destruction.


B) Deadly force may also be used to restore such property as in part A) above to the rightful owners and tenants. However, where a warning or normal force could reasonably accomplish the same defense without fear of further jeopardy, deadly force shall be prohibited.


Section 3: Forceful entry pursuant to a warrant

A) It shall be a felony to authorize, order, or participate in any method of forced entry designed to shock, awe and overwhelm to execute any warrant,

  1. except to arrest a person reasonably suspected of a violent felony

  2. where specifically authorized by a majority of three judges who are accountable to the people via informed elections,

  3. to the exclusion of non-violent cases such as property seizure for evidence of a mere possessory offense or other misdemeanor that by law cannot result in incarceration to protect the public.


B) Being that police impersonators have in practice used authentic-looking uniforms and equipment, if the defenders of an address being invaded

  1. are innocent of all the violent felonies reasonably and explicitly named on the warrant, and

  2. are not accessories thereto, and

  3. caused injury while defending themselves and their shelter due to an innocent, good-faith belief that the invasion was unlawful,

they shall not be held liable for injury or death of the officers and animals executing such a warrant, or harm to their equipment, or any other damage exempt from liability in case of lawful defense of persons and property, since they had no opportunity to verify the lawfulness of the invasion and committed no violent felonies pending justice.


Section 4: Training and education

A) Combative training, equipment, and equipment training offered by the government to the military and police forces shall be made available to American citizens at a similar cost, in order to enable the formation of a civilian militia, as is necessary to the security of a free state.


B) The secondary school curriculum shall include a basic knowledge of civics. Topics covered shall include:

  1. the preeminent and irrefutable universal ethics that prohibit murder, larceny, adultery, anarchy, and animal cruelty,

  2. describing the drawbacks of majoritarianism and the motivation for our bicameral legislature,

  3. the need for a balance of powers between the four branches of government: executive, legislature, courts, and the people/electorate,

  4. how natural rights, especially the first and second amendments, restrict the authority of the government, and

  5. civic duties such as jury duty, taxes, and ensuring fair elections.


I’m having some trouble crystallizing 1B. I want to outlaw red flag, and similar schemes, but I also want police to be able to temporarily disarm suspects when detaining or arresting them. Also, I want to stop legislatures from trying a “death by a thousand cuts,” but I also don’t want an ammo factory to blow up half the town, or for a homemade nuke to leak gamma rays to the nearby preschool.


The other option would be to eliminate 98% of laws that currently exist. Or, to drop all politicians off at the South Pole with one match and a Snickers bar. Or, even better, to do both.