I have a few dilemmas

So I got my bonus and I want to get a new rifle. I’m thinking a semi-auto, but living in California presents some unfortunate choices.

If I go with an AR Type rifle, then I either have to have a fixed magazine version or a version that will only allow changing the magazine with the action open. In my limited research, it seems that the latter option is all after-market mods. The former option would be built that way and warranted by the manufacturer. Then instead of extra magazines, I would just get extra loaders.

Dilemma #1 - Which way to go?? Fixed or modified?

On the other hand, if I go completely featureless, then a semi-auto is no problem.

Dilemma #2 - Full featured or Featureless?

After I decide which gun to buy, I need to decide what to have it chambered in. As a couple, we already have a bolt action .223/.556 and an AR-15 in .223/,556, so I’m thinking something a little heavier to round out our collection. Though I don’t want to get knocked on my ass or break my shoulder shooting it. Also, ammo cost is a factor.

Dilemma #3 - What size chamber?

I’d appreciate any recommendations as well.


How long do you plan on staying in the people’s republic of California?That answer may dictate what & when to buy.


Practicality would step in for my choice
Already having 5.56 in hand would push me to buy another rifle chambered in that caliber

If you went .308 for example you would be incurring a higher cost to stock ammo and then have to purchase magazines for said rifle

Not having to deal with California laws it’s a toss up for me
I would say go with the non permanent magazine
I recall mark saying that you guys were leaving ca in some time
Most other states do not have these draconian laws

It’s a difficult choice for sure I’m a prepper so I tend to side on practicality
I never buy a weapon that’s not chambered in something I already stock that’s just me


6.5 Grendel AR15 precision build would get my vote.


I agree with @Caw on this one. Featureless follows closely to a long range performance round and 6.5 Grendel has my full and undivided attention at the moment.


.308 might have more kick then she wants. 6.5 is very mild and just as accurate. I would compare it to a 30-30, recoil wise.


I just used that caliber as a example
.308 is a more common round and will be more accessible in a situation that we all may be facing soon
Just my way of thinking is all

I think her main question stems from witch way she should configure a rifle pertaining to her state laws
On the end I would say shoot all the diffrent configurations before you make a choice


That’s another dilemma actually. I want out as soon as possible, but that could be a year from now or 5 years from now depending on the family situation.


Found this article comparing .308 to 6.5 Grendel. Seems the 6.5 Grendel is both cheaper and more effective. Next question is how common is it?


Sgammo has had it regularly. @Caw had informed me that it had dried up in 2012ish
We had talked about it here.

I literally ordered one on Saturday and 1040 rounds.


Straight from the article you posted.

“Plus, that ammo is Wolf’s 100 grain “military classic”. It’s is constructed like the infamously lethal 7N6 bullet, which is pretty deadly stuff.”
And that lady’s and gentleman was the tipping point for me period.


.25 cents a round before shipping!


Hmm. Wonder if they ship to CA. I’ll need to investigate that too. Probably buying it here will be more expensive. Where’s @Mosinvirus? Do you know?


Here’s the article he had on the 6.5 Grenel vs .223/.556 -


Sorry @EQuinn Sam will not ship to California anymore as far as I know
I was under the impression that your state has a ban on online ammunition sales


I was under the impression that your state has a ban on online ammunition sales

Cali ammo sales are okay, but need to be sent to an FFL as far as I know.


F#*king A#*hole California Legislature!!!


Hi @EQuinn,
SGammo will not ship direct even if you have 03FFL and COE.

I am pretty sure they will ship to 01FFL of your choice though. I only deal with those that will ship directly to me, since I have both the license and the certificate.


It has a huge following now, its probably in a draw for second (with .300 BO) for most popular AR15 round outside of 5.56.
It did dry up a bit but I suppose that couldve been just from all the frenzy buying.



In the article you last posted the writer stated
“The average football linebacker weighs 230 lbs and sprints at 25.5 FPS. That’s 2020 ft-lbs of energy. A 190gr bullet moving at 2200FPS produces almost identical energy.

Which is more likely to kill an Elk?”

I am laughing now because I have in the past used nearly the same argument.