I have a few dilemmas


Do it!!!


Nice :+1:


I’m going to do it. I think I can build it myself and I think it’ll be a good educational experience.

I’m still researching parts. From what I have seen so far, the trigger and barrel are the most important things in terms of quality and performance differences. Anything else? Any gotchas in the lower parts kits or lower receivers?

For trigger I don’t really think I need anything too fancy. I’m not a competitive shooter. I don’t think I’d notice the difference. However for easy install I understand drop in is better. Any recommendations?


:+1: I’m impressed!


Well I figure if I can assemble a 1” hard drive under a microscope, I should be able to handle this :wink:


Absolutely!!! They don’t call ya the MIGHTY WOMAN for nothin…


For a good not-too-expensive trigger, I would recommend the Larue MBT. It’s a 4.5 lb, 2 stage trigger. It’s on sale until Christmas for $87. I have 4 of them in various ARs and would not hesitate to put one in any future build.