I have a problem, a mil surp problem


Why am I so obsessed with mil surps and old stuff? I know I love history and such but it’s a borderline addiction me thinks. When I sell my video games I’m just going to turn right around and buy a Zastava M57 and another Star BM or a Star B. With the left over funds probably an old bolt action.

Is there a focus group I can attend to get help for my mil surp disease? :cowboy_hat_face:


I have a Romanian TTC tokarev, and I want a M57 as well. I know there’s no help for me, but you may still have a chance!!!


I am the total opposite, you can buy a new Ruger American, Savage Axis or something similar often times for less than what old surplus rifles cost and get a way better rifle, old surplus pistols never interested me at all for same reason…I have nothing against anyone who does, buy what you like…it’s a big market still and probably will be for a long time, at some point every gun is old…


I totally understand what your talking about. I feel that James also like myself has a love of history. The cool thing about the tokarev is that it doesn’t have a single screw in the entire firearm, and it cost is $200.00 as well as the star b.

I remember when nagant rifles where $89.99. Now I have seen them sell for $300.00. Boy do I wish I had bought 5, or 6 of them.

What you said is also very relevant. Take the AK47. Just buy a good new one if you want one. I have one that closes on a field gauge. Now I have a new barrel on the way for it. It is a good point you bring up.


^ I’m with AJ. To me it’s a historical thing and how it makes me feel. New guns are great and all but there’s something intangible about the old stuff even beyond history. The first time I fired my Mosin Nagant it was almost an emotional experience. Same with my Star BM.

Plus the old stuff serves me just as good as the new stuff but at a fraction of the price.


Mil-Surplus is gear with history. Always rugged, functional and . . . much more entertaining when no one is shooting back. :wink:


For those of us who like the old military surplus rifles, one of the best ways to enjoy them is at a Mil-surp competition match.
If there’s one in your area, definitely give it a try.
Your old shooter doesn’t need to be the most accurate as a lot of these competitions are on fairly close ranges.
So there’s no need to have really long range accuracy.


I am only after one milsurp and for the price I can get something more reliable, lighter and cheaper just to shoot the same cartridge.

Do you want to pay for surplus ammo? Do you want to pay for expensive new ammo?

Why do you want it? Just to have it or you had fun with it in a video game?

Can you see yourself using it for more than a range toy?


I think you may be missing the point mate. I cannot speak for the others but since I don’t hunt things, use them for home/self defense, want it lighter and or “more reliable” doesn’t really mean anything to me. I also don’t care about ammo prices and I prefer not to use surplus ammo. It’s a historical and emotional thing for me and I get the feeling that doesn’t resonate with you? It’s fine if it doesn’t, I’m just trying to identify your side of the argument.

Lastly video games are meaningless to this discussion. I don’t play those war games and even if I did I could careless about trying to use that as some sort of thing to justify my desire. I almost feel like your being a little dismissive and condescending with the video game comment. :wink: Probably not your intent but it comes across that way. I don’t mind the debate, but let’s not resort to that sort of thing and turn it in to one of those 1911 vs Glock types of debates. :cowboy_hat_face:


Why do you have your handguns just lying about?
Irresponsible gun owner.

Mister torque then you just answered your own question and the reason why I don’t want a milsurp.


I feel the same way about glocks, I tried to eat mine too after developing the taste of shit in my mouth from shooting it.


Well with everything else I can at least use it as a throwing object or a club after it failed.



If you are talking about the the glock then yes.


I hsd a second gen .40 cal that kind of “blew up” , it blewout up by the slide behind the trigger area. I was using handloads but I still wasnt very happy. Glocks in 9mm are damn fine ugly ass plain pistols.


@Robert @jf89 oh great :sob: I just bought a G23 Gen 4 I got it at a really good price looks like I’ll have to flip it for sure.


I used to call Glocks poverty HKs, the kool aid drinkers really didnt like that.


The HK45 compact is my favorite HK.


Back on topic.

I think I’m going to be buying a Mosin M44 Carbine tomorrow when I trade in my 9mm PCC and sell some games. They have a Nagant revolver I badly want but it’s a bit more than I wanted to spend.


Mosin Nagants (sp) are legit guns. Do you scope yours or run irons?


Irons for now. I’ll be looking for a numbers mismatched one with a good barrel I can sporterize at some point. I will be looking through their inventory to see what else they have that isn’t on GunBroker so maybe I’ll end up with a wheelgun. You never know!