I have been banned from Facebook!


I got a 30 day sentence, no trial, no jury, nothing!

Join the rest of us on mewe!
I want you to join my group on MeWe: https://mewe.com/join/real_world_gun_owners


What exactly is MeWe? Is it social media?


Social media is a joke. I stick with facebook for a few family members and people I meet at the range… It can be fun to troll idiots sometimes…

Like this rude vegan lady who enjoyed saying hunters were bad people who will go to hell and were animal haters.
Our 3 rescue cats and our lunch.



It is but unlike fb it won’t sell you out.


But what if I eat shit?


I’m confused with your comment


Hmmm? Haven’t tried that and not inclined to. But you’ve heard the phrase “Eat Shit and die.” Pherhaps that’s a warning rather than a rebuke.


Never tried facebook, twitter, snap chat, writing on toliet stall walls or spray painting railroad cars.

Guess I’ll stick with forums for spewing my thoughts.


I use to give out my brothers cell phone number on toilet stall walls at school and at the truck stops.


I dumped Facebook over a month ago and haven’t missed it a bit. The few friends I actually cared about I’ve had phone conversations with. Hadn’t done that while on FB. Much better to talk.


Facebook is just a place to for people to get butt hurt.


Yes but it’s the only place I can see obscure friends and be in direct contact with my state reps.

An email takes months


Phones. I’ve gone back to rustic tech. Works pretty well for being so old.


I’ve tried that, no one answers.


I was banned numerous times anywhere from 24 hours to 30 days…then I deleted it about 18 months ago, good riddance…I would blast Liberals all over FB at every opportunity on gun control, electric vehicles, nobama and Hillary…it was a lot of fun…


Facebook was created by a man with no social skills to speak of. It is toted as a place to connect to family and friends from far away, and in that capacity, the only good thing to come of that was messenger (video calling and group calls work well). The actual facebook we know today is a way to stalk, spy, troll people we dont even know. Its platform is the # source for fake political bias news sharing. No one is missing anything by not joining FB


Same thing happened to me! Went to Hitlaries page and asked a few questions. Same on some other liberals pages. Tried to logon would not let me, message said needed to add my I.D. Had the account for several years, question a few scumbag liberals and liberal scumbag facebook wants my i.d.


It’s to the point where the free exchange of ideas is no longer so free.


Got a copy of that message? And what you wrote? I’m curious to see it.