I have some time to kill... I’ll just drop by my local gun store. I won’t buy anything


less than 30 minutes later…


Famous last words.


Dude that’s nice!

Oh and as TR said, famous last words.


Let him without impulse gun purchase weakness cast the first stone


We’ve all been there. Nice pistol! I’ve been wanting to try one for the longest time now.


Another case of GAS in recession… for now.


Happy Birthday to myself…:upside_down_face:



That was my excuse.


4 guns since December


Got the 22/45 out to the range the other day. It ran just fine.

I mounted a red dot on it the other day and am looking forward to getting it sighted in. Now I just need a holster and I’ve got a great range trainer.

Eventually I’ll need a suppressor for it - but… other things first.


The noblest of false intentions lol.


It was my birthday! What was I supposed to do?


I just wish my local gun stores carried more stuff. When I decide i want something id like to be able to just go pick it up then. Was jonesing for a bunch of stripper clips last time i was home but nobody had them. I will relent eventually and order them. Maybe about a week before i get back home lol.