I hope no one is stupid in Virginia

This governor is trying to make someone break the law by making new laws of emergency right before a planned protest. Anyone who is going down there should not even bring a gun. Just show support.


This is exactly what he’s counting on and I hope no one takes the bait. Sadly the far left will have plants in the crowd to likely incite / induce violence and even break the law themselves just to bring the negative attention.

I just don’t see how Virginians can win this without making hard life changing decisions. It’s getting close to being a complete 100% tyranny defining situation. It’s gonna get ugly. If Virginia falls the rest of the states “on the bubble” will soon fall with it thus increasing the likelihood of civil war 2.0 coming sooner than later. (years instead of decades)

States like Texas, Georgia, Arizona and a few more better start preemptively preparing to fight. These states, especially Texas and Arizona are being invaded by Californians who are quickly changing their political climate to the dark side…


I couldn’t agree more


“I hope no one is stupid in Virginia”

Too late, the current governor is already there.

After decades of the party’s slow, incremental efforts at imposing gun control, Virginia’s governor has adopted a ‘no compromise, take it all now’ stance on passing gun control, even making threats of calling out the National Guard to enforce laws that (at the time) were still bills that had not yet even been discussed in committee.

It’s political insanity.

Something in the neighborhood of 80% of the counties in Virginia have given the state the big middle finger, by passing resolutions stating that new gun control laws will not be allowed to be enforced in their counties. Two days ago, there was an announcement of an effort to get those counties to formalize county militias to stand against the state government (and withhold taxes from the state, in response to the governor’s threat to withhold money from the county governments, if they do not enforce the still not passed gun control laws).

When has someone in the executive branch of a state government gone so far toward making political enemies of 80% of the counties in their state, just to support laws that do not yet exist and have not even been debated in committee in the legislature?


Lets’ hope the police or national guard presence doesn’t do a repeat of the Kent State
The Kent State shootings, were the shootings on May 4, 1970, of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, during a mass protest against the bombing of neutral Cambodia by United States military forces. Twenty-eight National Guard soldiers fired approximately 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.
From Wikipedia.

Just a thought.


the legal gun protest should just stop short of the area prohibited by law - since all the legal gun owners follow the law regardless (or should). Imagine the impact it would have of the Legally armed citizens surrounding the capitol grounds.


I hope the organizers have considered that and mapped out the boundaries.

I have my doubts that the governor can grasp the concept of being under siege, though.


I dont think this event is a good idea, as Mr. Torque said its a trap and the bait is set. Nothing good can come of this, imo.


I totally agree @Joe-Bob

And the national implications from making gun owners look like nuts with a trigger happy attitude will surely backfire


Would be funny if no one showed up at all.


I remember Kent State like it was yesterday.

If that happens the left has immediately lost. We will have lost also, but it would be over for the left and it would give carte blanche for anything done by us. At least as seen by the folks on the street whose support we would need. That act would be the bonfire lit by the left and all we need to stop this insanity once and for all. I can hear it now, “Remember Richmond!”. I believe the left is actually stupid enough to give us what we need for justification (and the example) but we’ll find out. satan eats his own as he proves over and over again. But either way we can win out of it. If the speakers stress the people “In that building” are removing the rights of the LEOs present, the crowd, and all VA residents it will get the watchers in uniform thinking. We need them on our side too.

I write “us” not because I live in VA, but because it’s a fight for all gun owners, indeed all lovers of freedom since everything is under attack. “If we don’t all stand together we’ll all hang alone.”, to quote someone or other from hundreds of years ago. I would never write such things.


You know what’s the craziest thing about this, is in the gun circles we’re discussing war, but back on the surface of day to day news, nobody is even talking about it. Even Trump isn’t tweeting about it, and I wonder why he’s been so silent.


Because he doesn’t want to fight for it. He is hoping it solves itself because he will have to stand ground and fight congress over it. I think he will use the 2A fighting / talking points as bargaining chips for other priorities he has.


I have a bad feeling we’ll be talking about how this went horribly wrong in a short while. I don’t think anyone on here are nut cases but we all know they’re out there. Should they too be able to own guns? I say yes. Once you start choosing who can practice their rights the right has been lost. I’m just saying I hope for people to keep clear minds when supporting their rights and realize that the 2nd is not a license to act a fool


Right on Joe.

This video also perfectly explains our problems with our community being so split. We are already divided thus are now being shown as being conquered.


Yes well a single bad one outweighs a hundred good ones


I can’t blame anyone for exercising their basic human rights by protesting or by carrying a gun while doing so. But, I also can’t blame anyone for staying the hell away. No decision here is without advantages and drawbacks. Attend or stay home, someone will exploit the consequences either way. Do what’s best in your particular situation, and may you be well.


well, we can’t say they haven’t heard us.


There are three laws on the books in VA that he has violated with this action.


I believe a state of emergency gives a governor the same power state wide that marshal law gives to the feds. They can deploy the national guard, declare evacuations and so on