I just learned about


The Norinco SigSauer clones. <$400 canadian. That is cheaparoo!


lot cheaper than that :canada:

only $260US
almost cheaper than a hipoint


Norinco>Sig USA too


Tokarev chambering too! Ill be damned.


Norc Torcs (Type 54) are on the south side of C$200
Or something familiar to you


That looks sick
I have a 80% 226 frame that I’m about to finish
The only thing that sucks is sig parts are exspensive


Im going to have to make some friends in Canada!


The old adages seem to fall from your observations: They are Chinese, no testing reliability, and you get what you pay for…and so on. I am just as penny-pinching as the next person, Sigs are expensive but they have a background of making good stuff, am I wrong? And yes, I am fond of Sigs, HKs, S&Ws and old Colts…that may color my perception. Please, please can someone instruct me?


I’ve no doubt the quality of these pistols’ fit and finish are far, FAR below the western ones. More people buy Harbor Freight tools than Snap-On tools even though the quality is substantially different there as well…


Sig USA has pretty shitty QC now of days and probably puts out more lemons than Norinco. Norinco makes pretty solid weapons for the price. Cohen(sp) is whats wrong with Sig, imo.


No doubt there have been changes in management and products at Sig, some new, some old, same can be said about other manufacturers. Price or not I am not real fond of dealing with Chinese, we owe them way much financially. Historically, from P210 on I feel pretty confident about Sig products; however, each purchase of any product has to earn my faith and confidence especially in reliability. No one is better at reverse-engineering for production than the Chinese, they are also good at espionage.