I like big guns and I can not lie


Who likes the big guns? I love mine. I have a Dan Wesson .44 mag, a Desert eagle .50ae, and this, a S&W 500 magnum.


Anyone who can shoot those as well as these guys should have one.
But I’ll not go bigger than .44 mag, thanks very much.


I can teach anyone to shoot these big guns and do so safely and not hurt. There’s a trick called letting your arms take up the recoil. Never lock your arms. Even my 17 year old son shot the biggest load I make, a 700gr round.


Nice job.
But it reinforces my decision to stay below the .44 mag,


Big guns are like big boobs!


I’ve never seen a gun jiggle bounce or sag.


They all do though. Flex/whip…


Isn’t slow motion great.


BFR .45-70 or .444 Marlin, one of you will be mine.



You’re welcome! :cowboy_hat_face:


Only handgun I have that scares me a little bit. Savage striker .308 bolt action.