I like big guns and I can not lie


Who likes the big guns? I love mine. I have a Dan Wesson .44 mag, a Desert eagle .50ae, and this, a S&W 500 magnum.


Anyone who can shoot those as well as these guys should have one.
But I’ll not go bigger than .44 mag, thanks very much.


I can teach anyone to shoot these big guns and do so safely and not hurt. There’s a trick called letting your arms take up the recoil. Never lock your arms. Even my 17 year old son shot the biggest load I make, a 700gr round.


Nice job.
But it reinforces my decision to stay below the .44 mag,


Big guns are like big boobs!


I’ve never seen a gun jiggle bounce or sag.


They all do though. Flex/whip…


Isn’t slow motion great.


BFR .45-70 or .444 Marlin, one of you will be mine.



You’re welcome! :cowboy_hat_face:


Only handgun I have that scares me a little bit. Savage striker .308 bolt action.



Very nice. You make it look easy.

I only have the .460 S&W, but it is still great for recoil therapy.

Funny thing - I used to think the .44 magnum recoiled a lot. Not anymore!



Actually, it is all about managing the recoil.

For me, the key is to let your arms rise with the recoil. Makes the recoil seem MUCH milder, and it does not hurt at all. (Not anything like my .45-70 rifle with hot loads - those actually hurt the shoulder!)


Holding and managing the recoil is key. A big gun like a large revolver, ie, 500 magnum. You don’t hold it the same as a semi-auto. Use your arms as a spring. If you try to hold it solid, bad things happen.



My largest caliber gun. It’s accurate enough for squirrels and big enough for elephant, a .375/06 JDJ on an Encore. That’s a .45 ACP next to the cartridge and a 5" 1911 under the gun.


I hope this works. My first time shooting a Desert Eagle .50AE. Love it!


Well done, I love the owe, then you do it again without hesitation. I love my desert eagle .50ae.


Nice job. I’ve never had the pleasure.


They have it for rent at our gun range. If you get the chance and have strong hands go for it.


And strong mind, and heart :sunglasses:

Great Job!