I’m back 😊


I’m back (Rampart) created new account soooo yea. Build that damn wall.


Hay Brother!
Why don’t you use your old account?


Welcome back.


Just easier I guess… First time through I set up an account on the video side with one password and a user name that I couldn’t change and then found the fourm side later and set it up with a different password. I don’t know man,it just started getting on my nerves I guess so started from scratch. Not being able to (or at least I didn’t see any way to) change my profile name on the video side is when I snapped.lol


Well at any rate, I’m glad to see you in the forum again!


Welcome back, NickKnox (Rampart).

yay wall !


Yea,the WALL! Did ya put in for it? That soldier was at the same base (Balad) when I was there. I was on the Army side (east) and I’m pretty sure he was on the West side by the airfield. 04 was a rough one as far as IDF was concerned. Shitty thing to is we didn’t have the early warning system (C Ram) till much later.


Welcome back!!


Welcome back!




Welcome back!