I may have drank a little yesterday.

Met up with family yesterday to shoot some guns, drink a bit, and get silly. For the record, my family is a little crazy. Many decades ago when our grandfather died, the family bought all the beer at the one bar in the very small town near the farm.

I packed light, no need to get all crazy. With about a dozen people, some of which have never held a firearm, much less shot one and me being the only RSO, it was a workout.

Afterward, we all went back to relax. My cousin the one lighting my cigar with a blow torch converted his barn into a rec room.

Four drinks later, it all got a little fuzzy.


Bring on the murder hornets! :rofl:

Looks like a good time was had by all. Always nice to be in the company of family -no matter how crazy they are.




i wish my family were still crazy. they all died and it’s just me now.
When i was a small kid my uncles took me to break in a morgue and steal another dead grand uncle to wheel around on a dolly to a few neighborhood bars and get him some last shots.
Then they did it again for another.

I’ve asked my friends and they’re scared of being charged n shit.
My wife would be ok with it .(after. forgiveness instead of permission)
Maybe i don’t have really good friends.


I love that pic! do you mind if i steal it?