I modified my grip by less than a quarter inch & it instantly improved my accuracy

Frank Proctor’s “Parallel Grip” is so simple, makes sense, and feels so much more natural. It was an instant improvement.

I highly recommend giving this a try.

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference.


Good stuff, I have his dvds. If I lived in the SW he would someone I would get training from. Probably my top pick, tbh. He goes into such great detail on technique and body mechanics that its hard not to pick something up.


Thanks for the reminder.
In the immortal words of “Get Smart:”
“Missed it by that much.”
It’s amazing how many folks will swear they’re gripping the pistol absolutely correctly, but getting it just enough wrong to screw things up.
And it really does only take a fraction of an inch one way or another.
Sometimes the old ways still prove correct.
Back when 'most everyone shot revolvers and pistols strong hand only, it was taught to align the web of the hand with the forearm.
That’s still good advice whether we shoot one handed or two.


Had a good tip on grip, the other day: Are you squeezing hard enough to stop small muscle tremor? I never considered such thing and it was much tighter than I realized.

Makes sense why my golfer/fly fisher buddy has a hard-time improving with pistols, a light grip is his goto muscle memory for hand controlled action. Totally sloppy pistol shot and he couldnt figure out why.