I need a larger wall.


I either need to stop getting more guns, sell some guns, or get a larger wall.


Use that wall on top - the ceiling. :joy:


What does the rest of the trespasser sign say?


Build another wall


Boy, that’s really an impressive airsoft collection.:yum:


You’re a target.


better yet build a suspended wall on tracks


I see a FAL, so no penalty flag, but is that an EOtech on a can launcher?


The only EoTech is on a .223 comp gun



What about more walls?

One wall for handguns. One wall for rifles. One wall for shotguns. And one wall for overflow.

A well-decorated room!


You dont like can launchers?


I love mine, stupid fun. I only bought it so I could copy the design in a larger implementation for a FAL. I have a lot of 308 blanks!


That is a good problem to have lol :grin:


Very nice!


That’s a good problem to have!


I have plenty of wall space! Send some over here… think of it like a self-storage type of deal