I need an outlet for my videos please! Please invite me


Im pulling all my content from YouTube. Right now Full30 has exclusive ground floor opportunity to host. Im already having a hard time with Full30 and the whole invite deal… Either you want the people here or you only want the major players. Im no Demolition Ranch, or Hickok45 but I have several hundred subs on YT with over 200k views. Please open your doors and let me in.


Use Bitchute till these guys cool their egos. Bitchute is awesome


yeah, I recently came here with high hopes. Disappointed so far


Its unfortunate… I heard that this was gonna be the new spot


what kind of feedback are you all getting?

I have no videos to post, but am curious to learn how those that do have them, how they are treated (and why).



It’s hurry up and wait.


UGEtube.com is up & running. Gab is also gun friendly & allows you to post videos, but if you’ve got a bunch to upload Gab only allows 5 videos/day with a free membership, so you might want to try UGEtube.



There is a lot of activity right now with respect to youtube replacements being built by a number of groups,

And being first, largest or today’s topic is great there is a plan here to build for the long haul,


You and me both. I’m full on banned from YouTube for not abiding by a secret rule they don’t have listed on their terms of service.

I’m still waiting on a Full30 invite.


The main issue is that new content creators can’t create accounts.

It was invite only for a while, and they’re opening it up to other people now, but they’re opening it up soooooo slowly…


Thing is UGE Tube may be winning the battle because that allow more than just firearms related content. For me personally my goal is for EVERYONE to leave youtube not just gun channels. I have a very small gaming channel that was to branch out and do firearm content so I had planned on moving to UGE Tube but their size limit right now for a video is 50GB. The few gaming videos I have to upload are larger so I’m pretty much forced to use youtube still. Once we get ready to start recording our firearm content we will weigh our options before choosing a platform.


The thing that worries me about UGETube is that I started seeing a bunch of “full movie” and “full episode” videos popping up. If they start getting busted for illegal content, it may kill them.


LOL, not sure they care, they entered into a LGBT parade in NY and got the boot, didn’t seem be a concern to them, they posted a video about it.

FULL30 much more my flavor.