I recognize that car


Ran its fastest pass at 4.93 last weekend. The new hotrod is coming together. Just finished the headers


Ohhh, pretty.


Test and tune last weekend


That is super sexy stuff, how I missed this from 6 days ago bothers me,

I’ve been to long out of the garage and today is the day to finally put the brakes on.



Curious minds want to know more.
Length of track?
Engine maker and specs?
Car class or category?
How much is costing?
Anything else you can add?


Some pics from this weekend…


The funnycar is a blown alcohol car. We built it to run a 1/8 mile, 4.65 index. It has a 582 cubic inch big block Chevy with a 10-71 blower.

The little Austin is built to run a 5.0 1/8 mile index. It has a 598 BBC, naturally aspirated at about 1400 horsepower.



only unclear to a machine



Lets clip that a bit :+1:



Thought thats what you meant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


She won $100 in the Back Up Girl competition. We got our arses handed to us by this…


meh, wrong lane :wink:


Who pays the bills for operating those beasts?
Curious minds want to know.


Sponsors, usually. That’s why race cars have all the stickers. No all are sponsored though. Some guys just have money to burn. You should see some of the tow rigs :open_mouth:


I know.
And I’m jealous.
I road raced for twenty years and have the old bills to prove it.
I had to do it all on a shoestring budget, doing most of it on my own.
A great learning experience, but it’s definitely doing it the hard way.
Good for you for getting someone else to pay the bills.
Beautiful equipment.
How long had you been at it before being able to get the big dollar sponsors?


We don’t really have a sponsor. That’s our shop on the side of the car. That means we’re advertising. We also support a charity group called Be An Angel. I’m not an accountant but I’m sure there’s some pretty good tax write offs and deductions there.


I almost forgot about Nitro Kevin

He likes the race cars :sunglasses:


Since there were some slightly inappropriate remarks about my back up girl, I thought it time to highlight who she is…
I’ve known her since she was in high school. She has been part of the “family” since she was 16. She started out nursing and was helping Jeff (owner and driver of the race car) with his daughter Meg. Notice the butterflies on the car? Anyway, Meg was born 4 months premature. She is blind and barely walks. Ashley has been right there, all the way, helping out. Ashley actually taught herself braille so she could teach Meg how to read. She did that when she was 19. Ashley is an amazing, talented, young lady. I’m proud to have her on my team.