I think my mail carrier is anti-gun


I have lived here for a little over two years now. My mail carrier has always driven up my driveway and honked her horn to deliver my packages to me. When I go out , she scans the packages and hands them through the window. I have a large dog who barks when she pulls into the driveway but doesn’t approach her jeep. He never has. When I go out there, he stops barking and starts wagging his tail. There has never been an issue. Now, I have been quite busy ordering some things from online gun supplies merchants and starting my first build. Now, she refuses to come to my house, saying my dog was there (even on days my dog was not at my house). Mind you, she has never had to get out of her car before. I went to the post office and had to fill out a form telling her I will pick up the packages from the post office since she won’t pull up my driveway and I don’t like waiting around for days for my stuff. Now, she’s not even leaving me a slip in the mailbox telling me I have a package at the post office. So I had to go up there again and write out more instructions for her to actually leave a slip when I have a package to pick up. Then smaller packages that will easily fit in my large mailbox at the road are not being left in the mailbox either (and no slip informing me of it). This all started happening about two weeks ago as that’s when a lot of my orders started coming in. Does anyone else have this problem? I’m pretty sure, as nothing has changed regarding my dog/house, that it has to be the sender’s name on my boxes that is pissing her off. Photo of my mail this week. At least she delivers that.


your just going to have to have your gun porn sent in plain paper wrapping from this day forward.


@srdiver Can you request when you make orders that the company name be left off the box?


It seems to be an obvious case of discrimination. I would call/visit the office & raise hell! Threaten with a discrimination suit.


that was meant as a funny - back in the day of discrete packaging for adult stuff


oh yeah…I knew that. :roll_eyes: Not.


What does the USPS and Payless shoes have in common?

100,000 pairs of loafers in every color.
My guy is cool - wants a heads up on the revolution though :rofl:


I assume you do eventually get your items. No one is stealing them? If that’s the case then I agree with Lonewolf. Push the issue with her superiors.



Maybe she is just afraid because she got the wrong impression about the gun materials. She probably knows little to nothing about guns. Why not try to have a friendly chat with her - easing her fears. Who knows, you may even develop a new gun buddy?


Yes, @mquinn55 I get my packages now because I keep a better eye on the tracking of them and drive 15 miles to pick them up instead of to the end of my driveway. I also don’t bother waiting on a notice to be left in my mailbox anymore. I have been up there twice to the post office and they don’t seem to give a flip. But, I have not (that I know of) talked with her superior. I paid for postage so it could be delivered to my house, not so that I have to go and pick it up. FedEx and UPS are not so bad although one new UPS driver left my boxes out on the street like trash. I live in a rural area, my house is only about 200 feet from the dirt road, but heavy in trees. Anyone could have picked up my boxes and taken off with them. I did call and complain to UPS about that. Everything out there got rained on. And I was home and didnt’ even know the stuff was sitting out there getting wet the entire day. Honestly I think that was laziness.


I understand what you’re saying @JohnB but I think I’ll skip getting chummy with my mail carrier, especially when it concerns my firearms or deliveries. I would just assume she did her job and stay out of my business. I think I’ll have a talk with her superiors like @LonewolfMcQuade suggested because I don’t particularly care to drive 15 miles just to get my mail when i am paying for shipping of these packages.


being fairly certain that the carrier has a very large anti-gun stick up her tight ass, I would definitely avoid any conversation with her. it would be very easy for her to claim something threatening or otherwise happened.



I’m sorry. I would raise heck at the office. We had a carrier like that once- wouldn’t deliver any package. Just drove up and put a slip in the mailbox every time.

Now, my new carrier is cool. I saw him taking a piss in the woods by the mailbox, then later when he introduced himself he said he would help me hunt down and shoot any package thief, I knew he was my kind of people.


he didn’t try to shake hands with you, did he?:joy:


Ha ha, no. I was driving past and he zipped up real quick!



Wow! @srdiver These guys must really hate their jobs and customers. That’s horrible! Makes you wish you knew where they lived so someone can give them a taste of thier own medicine and beat their crap up.