I’ve changed my mind on the NRA

Makes sense, the 90s were a bad time for gun owners and im no supporter of the NRA so you wont hear too much of an argument from me.


If you think our choices will move beyond choosing the “lesser of evils”? I have a bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn for sale.

The “never trumpers” are in ALL reality helping the rats, and we know crooked rat joe is sending Beat-off to take your possessions.
Oh…AND your bankbook.


I sure hope Beat-off leads the charge to come get mine.


I’m an NRA member. Club rules, all members must be NRA members. Their is not enough support for this rule to change. To many other issues to fight about. It is a big club well over 1.5 million in revenue every year so lots of politics. Great club if you just want to shoot. The NRA stopped calling me for donations after the fourth or fifth time I told them no unless they remove Pepé Le Pew


I’ve said it before…
I pay my dues so I can vote for change.
We bullet voted in a NJ Patriot in a while back.