I was jut told about this site and now I'm let down


So I own a firearms company, Shuff’s Parkerizing, and have been getting emails and posts on my forum saying that this is the new place to be now that youtube has forsaken us. Is it? It’s not looking like it.

I put up a few videos per year to support my niche business specializing in the M1 Garand and its variants. From the comments I’m seeing here I have about as much chance posting a video in youtube as here, 0.

All this bandwith nonsense it just that. I host a forum, Battle Tested, and own a website. It costs me next to nothing to do this and next to nothing to upgrade them if I choose. What in the heck is going on here? Is this place going to model itself after some exclusive club or is it a beacon of ideas and free enterprise to let the market rage on?

I’m searching for a free market where my video talent doesn’t matter, where I can throw anything up that suits me, where I or my customers and forum members can communicate through video hosting and be as stupid, smart of genius as we want to be. Is this it or isn’t it?


Being new to this site myself, I am aware that it is new and just beginning. I believe in giving something time, and it will grow. There is always something to learn if you watch and listen. I hope you do not give up on this site, but give it a chance. I am sure that you want your customers to enjoy and learn on your website.


you’re right, im also disappointed that i’m not allowed to freely upload videos, and i have to ask permission for the privilege of uploading a video, and im way back in line behind countless people, and i may never even get the chance to upload a video


Well as the founders wanted, I’m voting with my feet (fingers) see you all on the other side. Membership terminated.


This is a shame. Is there any official documentation on why this is an invite only? It seems like Full30 is missing a golden opportunity here. If its monetary then que up some ads from the major firearms and accessories companies to help supplement the costs. I’m SURE they’d all be chomping at the bit to have a completely 2A friendly platform to advertise.

Its pretty straightforward really…


Be patient. We are the early wave of refugees.


Ive been here for 3 years. Not going to happen. It will always be invite only


Bonkbonk hello hey hello…golden opportunity! Hello is there anybody out there? Soooooo I guess nobody home gee to bad :stuck_out_tongue: .Train is leaving the station,the ship is about to sail,the plane is ready for departure! …3 weeks no more guns on you tube​:fearful:…really is full 30 going to be the new freedom channel gun channel 2A channel or what! ? Time to fish or cut bait! You scrube is planning suicide so when they are a dead rotting corpse .Will you be there to pick up the gun and fight on,or should gun enthusiast type guys just go elsewhere! Like poop or git off the pot!


Hear,hear that’s what I’m talking bout!


100 million gun owners,that is a conservative estimate. Now orphaned by u scrube how many of them watched vids, a lot.They watch with their eyes and wallets.does full 30 have . Org behind it’s name ?or does it wish to remain a tiny club?just let us know! We the people will move over and start somewhere else! Capitalism guys !hellooooo


New here also , but not new to Interwebs. We look forward to being able to upload at some point. I think we currently have about 230 vids on our YouTube channel. Thomspon Machine


@shuffsparkerizing Let me begin by saying that Full30 will be opening it’s doors to all creators soon, and you can reserve your channel here https://reserve.full30.com

As for your comment about bandwidth fees, hosting a forum or blog is absolutely nothing like streaming video to over a million users each month. With our current channels our video processing and bandwidth costs are approximately $10,000/month. This cost is actually VERY low for hosting video due to our years of optimization and custom built video solution, but If we were to open the doors to all creators over night the entire company could be crippled by a six figure bill in the first month.You are comparing serving tiny image and text files to a few thousand, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of users, to 5GB+ video files to millions, and processing each and every file into 10+ file types and resolutions.

Our primary goal right now is to complete our system rebuild which will allow us to invite everyone to our platform without destroying the company in bandwidth cost.

I hope that this explanation addressed your concerns and we look forward to having you on board soon!


That’s all that need be done, let folks know that there is a plan. Good to hear.


Glad to hear this. I just joined the site today and was getting kind of bummed out with all the negativity.