IBWC keeping the new border wall gates open

Has anyone else received or heard about what’s happening at the new section of wall that was built with the “We Fund The Wall” money donated to Brian Kolfage. These are emails (4) received yesterday and today. Very strange. Who the heck is in charge of this United States border wall? And why are they doing what they are doing?

Please read all four, last one received tonight:
June 10, 2019 at 10:15pm

Dear Patriot

This is an urgent call to action. The Globalists at the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) just showed up at our wall to LOCK THE GATE OPEN. They even invited the media to join them as they make another attempt to keep the flow of illegal human and trafficking open that our wall has shut off.

Our legal team at WeBuildTheWall has done everything we can to work with the IBWC but this latest media stunt has gone too far. We aren’t going to let a bunch of UN globalists trample on the rights of the Americans our wall is protecting

I need you to call the IBWC’s office at (915)832-4100 and tell them to CLOSE THE DAMN GATE. Why are they doing the bidding of smugglers and human traffickers by keeping the gate open? You can ask for Jayne Harkins. If you can’t get through keep calling and leave messages. Be firm but respectful.

If you’re on Twitter you can also send Jayne Harkins a message at @HarkJay350. Use the hashtag #CloseTheGate

After you’ve called and/or tweeted you can help us by sharing this important call to action with like-minded Americans. We need people to keep calling until they stop with their open-borders bullshit. We’re working to get you additional people and branches to call so please add this email to your contacts as a safe/trusted sender so you see the alerts as soon as we send them out.

You can also make sure we have all the resources we need to fight them legally and politically by making a new contribution to www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall

Please take action right now! Our wall and country depends on it.

God Bless

Brian Kolfage

June 11, 2019 @ 11:29am

Dear Patriot

Yesterday our wall and our nation came under attack by a globalist bureaucracy called the IBWC (International Boundary and Waterway Commission). This group which is half controlled by Mexico showed up to our wall with American police to LOCK THE GATE OPEN.

We cannot and will not allow these open borders globalists to help the drug and human traffickers by keeping the gate open. ONE WAY OR THE OTHER we are going to CLOSE THE GATE which is why I need your help right now.

I need you to call the IBWC at (202)647-8529 and (915) 832-4100 and tell them to CLOSE THE GATE. Ask them why they are putting the interests of drug and human traffickers over the rights of the American people. Keep the pressure on and keep calling and leaving messages. I truly believe the future of our nation depends on it.
(The same Twitter info at the end)

June 11, 2019 @ 5:46pm

Dear Patriot

If you haven’t read about our fight against the unaccountable open-borders globalists at the IBWC (International Boundary and Water Commission) please see my previous emails regarding this critical campaign to CLOSE THE GATE.

I’ve got some important updates for you. First off, the IBWC’s Lori Kuczmanski issued a press release to rally the fake news after publicly retweeting the ACLU. If you’d like to contact her and ask how she can possibly explain assisting drug and human smugglers by locking the gate open she can be reached at (915) 832-4106 or by email at Lori.Kuczmanski@ibwc.gov or on twitter at @lkuczmanski75.

Make sure to use the hashtag #CloseTheGate

Next, the phone calls are working. The voice mails are full and most people aren’t getting through but that just shows it’s working. Keep calling the IBWC at (202) 647-8529 and (915) 832-4100.

Finally, the social media campaign #CloseTheGate is picking up steam and Congressman Paul Gosar has even jumped in to offer his support. Please let him know you appreciate his support!

June 11, 2019 @ 10:33pm

The Gate Is Locked and Closed!

That picture of our gate being locked and CLOSED was taken just moments ago!

Dear Patriot

The IBWC has decided to close and lock the Border Wall gate we built tonight and every night going forward! They will only be opening the gate at intermittent times during the day as necessary going forward.

Further calls to the IBWC are no longer necessary and WeBuildTheWall looks forward to working with them as we continue to secure other segments of the border that they operate on. You can support more victories and more segments of wall by chipping in using our new payment processor:


I am so incredibly proud of our team, donors, and supporters. We just continue to work through every obstacle to get the job done and it’s both an inspiration and blessing to be a part of this!

We do not want to gloat as we are going to be working with IBWC again on other segments of border wall we are planning. Please help us spread the word that further calls to the IBWC are no longer necessary.

We aren’t going to stop fighting until the border is secure and your generous support makes it all possible. Please donate using our new payment processor by clicking the link below.


God Bless

Brian Kolfage

If you’d prefer to continue to donate directly through GoFundMe you can still do so at: www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall

What does he mean THEY will only open the gate during the day at intermittent times? Why the hell are they building a wall and leaving a gate in it to be left open? And why is Mexico in charge of OUR gate?? WTF??!!!


My understanding, from what little information I have seen, is that the gate was put in at the point where the new wall section joined the previously existing wall section, and was apparently put there in case border patrol ever needed to access the other side of the wall.

ACLU and IBWC seem to not be happy about that section of the border being closed.