Ideas for off browser viewing

Right now the only method I have for viewing content on a TV is to download them to a USB drive and plug that into one of my Android/Kodi TV boxes. Thanks for allowing downloading.

That said, please get to work on other methods than web browsers for viewing content. I know that you likely know this, but your future depends on it. Cord cutters are becoming more common every day. I know you face opposition, but here are some possibilities:

Roku via a private channel if need be. You could post directions as to how to install on your site. There are lots of gun channels on Roku - are they not allowing you in?

Android app. Same question? Is Google/YouTube keeping you off the platform? If so, please consider writing an app anyway. Post directions for install on your site, along with the app.

Kodi plugin. For those who do not know, Kodi is a cross platform media center that does just about anything, including streaming video. In addition to PCs, phone and tablets, tons of Android TV boxes can run Kodi. Kodi allows anyone to write a video plugin. Android boxes can be had for less than $50.00.

As long as the only available platform is a web browser, you are going to be limited. With streaming, you could put a dent in YouTube’s dominance.