Identity Politics: Easily the best video I have seen all year


This had me laughing so hard this morning. It’s accurate. Dead accurate. The truth in it would make it hard to laugh as its pretty damn sad… but the delivery is spot on.


@DOSE_OF_FREEDOM, that was _UCKING awesome that reporter drop the F-bomb 40 _UCKING times, it was hard to keep count i was laughing so _UCKING hard, great _UCKING video!


That was hilarious and spot on. Winner for post of the month.
I expect YT will pull it soon as it gains traction. And it will.


Haha I know right? Its stuff like this that makes me feel like there is hope. Todays society is so morally twisted and it gets literally depressing just seeing thay people are really this brain dead… nice to see some still have that thing…what is it? Oh ya… COMMON SENSE! :wink: And yes, laughing so hard I had to get a new set of pants was a plus as well!


I almost spit out my coffee this morning that was so entertaining. Thank you for sharing that Sir!


Haha no problem sir! I :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


Well, he was right on, of course.

So, whatever happened to him? Does he still have his job? I hope so!