If Any Of This Is Remotely True the Dems are F***ed


tell me tell me what it means


could be true…could also be another conspiracy theory…I don’t know ….guess even with politics I still try to live by facts and innocent until proven guilty


^ This. Before we all get excited let’s let the dust settle and observe until we get more to the story.

If this is true I suspect there is much more to the story.


Guys, Hitlary deleted or ordered to be deleted evidence (emails from her private server) after the subpoena was issued.

Is she in jail? Nothing happens to dems.


Yes, it is true, and is only the top of the iceberg. There is much much worse things that the Clinton juggernaut has committed.

No, nothing will come of it. I hope, wish, and pray that this would topple this shitty house of cards, but nothing will happen.


Do onto yourselves this favor and read this.


So, not the same as stranger hand? Jk


Yeah… the kilery clan is like the biggest mafia family in the USA now… untouchables


Send in Michael’s boys. :rofl::rofl::rofl: