If anyone needs Russian translation for their milsurps


Hit me up


Balshoye spasiba!


Very good. I been using:

Хиллари ест красную задницу

Khillari yest krasnuyu zadnitsu


Just sayin.

On a local forum people have asked in the past for snippets out of Russian manuals, etc. We have quite a few people on that forum that can.

Not sure how many here can.

This is mainly for Surplus stuff of course.


AIMsurplus still has some
The Mosin Crate has some
Gunbroker will have a bunch.


@Mosinvirus Hmmmmm maybe I’ll take you up on that offer on my Mosins? :cowboy_hat_face:


Check Atlantic or gunbroker.


I think classic firearms and J&G has some as well.