If i had $1k laying around


I have more but this was a simple enough answer.


So I’ve been pondering this question and the GAS (Gun Acquisition Syndrome) it unleashed. This month’s G&A cover features a beautiful Springfield TRP 1911 in 10mm. Which is a caliber, based on all the chat here, I need to explore. Nice article until I hit the MSRP of $1800.

So just for shits and grins… What’s a good 1911 10mm, if any, in the $1k or less range?


The 10mm and 1911 go together like peanut butter and jelly. I prefer it pver 9mm or .45 acp ,only downside is availability.


@jf89you mean ammo is harder to find?


Thanks. So I just check the CA gun roster. Not a single Colt of any kind. I can now get off roster guns but I can’t just to to the local gun shop and lay hands on it. Heading to Az in July for a few days. I’ll get me a list and have a gun fondle fest.


@jf89 with or without the rail?


@mquinn55, I can recommend the Rock Island there’s two models you might be interested in.
I don’t know how you feel about the Kriss Vector in 10 millimeter but that might be an option.


I didnt know the delta elite had a rail option.


A 10mm Ruger gp100 would be uber cool too.


^ This. I would love one.


@jf89, it most certainly does! you won’t find one for a thousand or under though, The Delta Elite.


I’ll leave this here.




I don’t know, but I have heard that the Ruger SR1911 in 10 mm is just as good as the Colt Delta Elite in 10 mm. The Ruger is a little heavier (5 ounces more). The Ruger costs around $200 less.

So, ask around. Get a comfy feel. But, for the 10 mm, more and more guns are being made in that caliber lately. Check Ruger’s website for more details:


Good luck!



Agreed. And the extra weight of the Ruger will help with recoil.

Plus, the extra weight left in your (mquinn55’s, or anyone’s) wallet will help with about whatever.


Like good mags…going cheap with 1911 mags is a bad idea


$1000? Ammunition. IMHO we have enough firearms.


NEVER(20 character bullshit)


$1,000 can always go to a quality optic for a firearm you already have. Eotech EXPS 2-2 with the G33x magnifier goes for about a grand…


Or the EOtech vudu 1-6


I haven’t heard a good thing about it.