If i had $1k laying around


I don’t like the reticles they use.
The crap from them lying I don’t care about.


I’d get a Ruger mark 4 , and ammo to round out the 1 k. I don’t have a .22 pistol . Either the hunter or the tactical with the threaded barrel.


Nice! I’ve got a markIII, great gun! if all goes well, by the end of the month, I should have my CZ 75 tactical sport in my hands.


Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec Stainless Steel .45ACP 5-inch 7rd

Why - because I have $1K to spend and it’s on sale at this very moment, which means I can throw in a holster and ammo and still come in under budget.


I heard CZs are nice, I like that springfield 1911 pictured in the thread too. I already have and like my glock, am I allowed to like glocks AND 1911’s or is that a symptom of a deeper issue?lol


how can you not like both, Festus?

I have Glocks, but am looking forward to buying my 3rd 1911 - which will probably look a lot like that Springfield.


@Festus I’m a 1911 guy for life! I’ve got 4!




3 glocks, 5 1911’s, 10 CZ’s and a partridge in a pear tree.
@Festus it means you like guns!


Just bought a Sig Scorpion 1911 for my daughter. $925 on Gunbroker.


Blasphemer!!! :scream::scream::scream::scream:


I know. I stir the S pot a lot


That’s a clean looking pistol.


You and she should love it. The one I have would be the last one I would ever get rid of out of all the 1911’s.


Ok, you gotta break that down for a dummy Glock guy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@jf89 is referring to Sig’s decision to use a more reliable external claw extractor vs the original 1911 torsion extractor lever.
This is a sig:
And here is an original 1911 style.



A lot like when you customize your Remington 700, you get rid of that “e” clip extractor and machine in a Sako style extractor.


Ooooh, i see. I had a Llama with the Sig extractor. it broke (because the gun was a cheap piece of crap) so i made another one from a piece of tool steel. It still worked great when i traded that gun for a nitrous system.


Now I know your a fellow gear head!


Hey @switchpod , how long do those Sig extractors last compared to regular 1911 extractors? I couldnt find any numbers on service life and maintnance.