If i had $1k laying around


Hay @jf89 how are you doing Brother?
Good question so I will answer only with facts with none of my opinion.
I have in the past had to replace the conventional 1911 extractor because it will lose tension and was causing many stove piping issues. After replacing it with a new one it has run like a top with zero malfunctions.
This 1911 did not have even have 2000 rounds fired through it when I had this problem.
All of the fire arms I own with external “lever” claw extractors I have not had any problems with. Having said that I do clean my firearms.
Keep in mind almost all modern fire arms now use this style of extraction, from ar-15 to ak47 to Cz, sig, beretta, Glock. The list goes on and on.
Are there good parts that can fail on both systems- yes, but this will hold true: it costs a company more in machining time and parts to install a external “lever” claw extractor on a slide, it would be cheaper to just copy the 1911 design; but they still spend the extra money/time in favor of reliability.


Well maybe this will help you in your decision, both systems will work fine for you I do own a 1911 with an unknown number of rounds but if I had to guess it would be around ~ 8,000 rounds. Sorry here’s my point. It is much easier to carry a spare 1911 extractor and far easier to replace it than replacing one with an external claw extractor.
To replace the 1911 all you need to do is depress the firing pin and lower the pin retaining block, then you can slide out the old extractor and slide in a new one! Much faster.
With the external claw you will have to remove a pin/ roll pin, needing the correct size punch and a hammer.
Food for thought in any case.


Well to be honest both my wife and I both only shoot the sig and les bare any more.
So both of us use those.


Another newbie question here. Also I’m just a curious type and like to see examples. So what is the difference between a 1911 extractor and an external one? Pictures please, for the dummies, including me.

On another note, my only experience with an extractor problem was on my Springfield EMP, a 1911 style 9mm. After only a couple hundred rounds, I couldn’t get the dang slide off to clean it. Took it to a gunsmith and they informed me that Springfield doesn’t pin the extractor in this gun. So it had worked its way out and blocked the slide coming off. I sent it to Springfield and had them pin it. Haven’t had a lick of trouble since.


I bought a used SA 20 years ago and I have put over 15000 rounds thru it and replaced one extractor.


Thanks for the question @EQuinn. Sorry to hear that your pin worked it’s way out. A drop of blue loc- tite will help with that not happening again.

You can see the bottom sig has a horizontal line behind the barrel. This is a external extractor. The top is a conventional 1911 extractor. The pictures that I had already posted may show it better.





Okay, now I feel stupid. The thing on my SA that came loose is this little piece. I was told that was the extractor. What is it?

It’s pinned now.


Ejector and it should be pinned.


Maybe just the sub compacts. That’s what I was told anyway. Might have been told wrong and I obviously didn’t know any better.


Ejector! Okay, maybe I just thought they said extractor. Sounds similar. Duh, sorry :neutral_face:


1911’s are a gateway drug! You have to re-evaluate when your bank account gets low and you have 2-3 Wilson combats in the safe!


No problem at all. Both parts work hand in hand to get the spent brass out. Always ask questions, never be afraid to learn, and thank you for being part of the forum! Now if I could only get my wife on the forum. :thinking:


Thank you for the explanation. I learned something useful today. That makes it a good day.


Most manufacturers are trying to cut cost in this market . That is why you find plastic sights and guide rods and glued in ejectors. And that is sad.


Yeah, but they pinned it for me at no charge. And they have lifetime warranty, so that’s not bad.


I was just joking about the Wilson’s.
Dude get a rock island! There’s nothing wrong with them! Hell I even want one.


I’m going to assume you already have good 9mm “duty/carry” pistol and a good “fighting rifle” such as an AR-15 or other PMag adapter rifle.

If you don’t have either of those, go get one. Everyone should have a 9mm full size pistol and everyone should have a carbine in an intermediate caliber. Which ones can be debated, but let’s just assume an AR-15 or equivalent and a Glock 19 or equivalent.

From there… a 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 AR-10 or Bolt Action Rifle is always fun.

You could go the non-firearm route and get a good variable magnification optic for your AR-15. Actually… I kinda like that… if you don’t have good glass on your PMag Adapter, then go that route instead of a firearm.

Oh heck, since we’re going down the non-firearm route - training is awesome. Going to a good 2 day class can make a HUGE difference in your shooting proficiency.

If you don’t have any .22lr training firearms, get a .22lr rifle and pistol.

Ooh - now that I’m talking about training, a 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine is always fun!

And now that we’re talking about fun… military surplus is always fun.

My goodness - now this list has topped ten grand… if only…


I’ve got several 1911’s in 45acp, & 'several 'ar15 15s. So far 1 9mm s&w 2.0 full size & a Sig p226 on the way any day now. Your suggestions are good! And they will likely cost me additional $$$lol


It’s like you’ve described my… oh look a mil surp…