If i had $1k laying around


There’s always room in a collection for another milsurp!


Isnt an AR15 or AK considered milsurp?


Not really. My Sten will never be a mil surp. It was a parts kit build. Same with my AK. They were destroyed and then reinvented. The only mil surps out there are the civilian legal arms that are sold unmolested.

Edit: pre 1984 stuff excluded.


Eventually we might see early ARs hit the CMP, but technically no. Import laws prevent most AKs being true surplus. Most everything is parts kits. I’m sure some collectors do have some super expensive surplus stuff somewhere. But for the average joe, no, they don’t really count as milsurp.


In the situation you’re describing, ammo could be worth it’s weight in silver. Same with gas.



Silver, I think is great for long term SHTF situations.
I agree fuel and ammo are great barter items for short term.
But I think of it like this:
Long term folks will continue to barter for goods of course. But the guy growing corn needs meat and eggs now. His corn isn’t yet ready to harvest. And long term other debts can accrue. That corn farmer needs help to harvest his corn but can’t pay his help in corn.
So like throughout history gold & silver will play a big part. If the grid goes down for any extended amount of time, the bits & bytes that make up your bank account are gone. Silver in your safe is still there.
But as to buying metal, I wouldn’t pay a premium for numismatic value. Metal is metal. In a situation like this collector value mean little.

Plus you can cast silver into bullets in case of werewolves.

I also need to add, I don’t view metals as an investment. Simply a store of value.


I think storing booze and knowing how to make it would be better than silver.


Booze has its place for sure. And can get real valuable. So I would never dismiss it or any item really.
Just saying metal has quite a world wide history.

Plus your less likely to drink your stock down. :nauseated_face:


That would be a big issue with me


I would improve my reloading setup. One new press for BMG, some turret plates for the Redding T7, and supplies.


This .


Man I have to get another job…:sleepy:


Or sell a kidney on the black market. Get your priorities straight, man!:joy::rofl:


Really? No one took the opportunity to make a funny here?

And to answer the OP question… hk45.
Awesome gun, great ergos, cant easily get one in CA, would love to have one. In CA I would have to pay $1400-1700 for one.


If it costs $1k and I want it I already own it. :moneybag:


I will not buy weapons because they are firearms, and We have more than we need.
Powder, primers, and projectiles.

When your friends tell you they have invested in gold, silver and diamonds, you tell them
You invested in brass, copper and lead.


It’s always good to have a little extra on hand. Another long shortage will happen again some day. Just a matter of time.