If Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries, What Am I Doing In The Pits?

If the stones were basic increase your Vit C. You can’t OD on Vit C so don’t hold back. Vit C is an acid that comes out in the urine and it’ll dissolve basic stones but not in one day. It’ll take time. Uva Ursi (see an herbalist) desensitizes the urinary tract so that passing a stone doesn’t hurt. I learned that from someone who passed one and heard the “tink” as it hit the bowl but that’s the only way he knew what happened.


I gotta stop logging in to my online chart and looking at the reports from my test results. I don’t understand half of what they’re saying and the little bit of stuff I do understand or manage to Google is just scaring me.

I have 2 weeks before I see the doctor again and he can explain it to me.

In the meantime, I had to call off work for the 3rd time this week because the spot in my hip where they drew the bone marrow is absolutely screaming today. They told me it would be “slightly tender.” They lied.


If your test results are back and he is not seeing you for 2 weeks that’s a good thing. Anything real serious and he would be seeing you the next day .


The appointment was made before the tests were done. Chances are he hasn’t even looked at the results yet.


If he hasn’t looked at the results yet you need a different doctor.


If there was something too concerning, I’m guessing the lab techs doing the tests would flag it for him somehow. He works in the cancer center for a major university hospital and is only one of 2 hematology specialists currently on staff. (#3 just resigned last month.) Considering his schedule, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he doesn’t review a patient’s chart until shortly before their appointment. I can’t really hold it against him either.


In the meantime, my wife keeps asking if I’m going to die and crying how she doesn’t want to lose me. I’m thinking “Jesus Christ, woman! I haven’t even got one foot in the grave yet and you’re throwing the dirt on top of me!” :flushed:


Update: Spoke with the Doc yesterday about my test results. Good news: No cancer. Bad news: we’re still not sure what it is. There are two major possibilities he is looking at.

  1. While I do not have cancer, there were several abnormalities in my bone marrow. Possibly MDS which (from my limited understanding) is sort of like Leukemia Light. However, everything else indicates I am pretty low risk for it to become full blown Leukemia and it is treatable with medication. He is currently fighting with the insurance company to get that approved.

  2. I have an enlarged spleen. Very enlarged. That eats up a lot of good blood. I go back in July to have another ultrasound done on spleen and liver to see if they can figure out what is happening there.

So…… Nothing definitive yet but maybe getting closer to some answers.


I’d say that’s good news, here’s some more, you don’t need a netflix account to watch


Good to hear.


Nice. Glad to hear not cancer, and that you can be proactive.


Just got a call from the insurance company. The COPAY for the medication the Oncologist is giving me will cost $2,000 a month! Fortunately, they got me enrolled with a program that waves the copay through the pharmaceutical company that makes it so I will have nothing out of pocket.

But think about this…… the insurance is covering almost $24,500 a month for this one medication. Just WHAT the Hell is in this stuff that makes it worth over $26,000 for a one month supply?? I get that it takes time and money to develop new meds but what is the point if no one can afford to pay for them?

If I didn’t have insurance, this med would cost my entire annual income within 2 months. It’s just insane and our elected bodies in Washington are all getting their cut as well.


You answered already…

The short answer is greed

If you watched those shows you’d see the picture painted well, I’ll sum up best I can

Gov got into food, a job farmers are supposed to take care of, they push food that makes us sick, the Gov also got into healthcare, they push “treatment” to keep us sick

There’s a revolving door of huge mega money

If the focus was turned first to food and nutrition, there would be far less need for medicine, but medicine needs to be focused on cures, not “treatment”.

Issue there is if everyone were healthy, and then when sick cured, there would be no big money, without big money how do you fund greed?

Its not all food, some is sin, how?

Consider how stress affect the body, there’s a ton of research on it

how does that equal sin?

Enter guilt, ever feel guilty about your sinful pleasures?

You can bury your conscience, put it out of your mind, cheating on your spouse ect, but your body still reacts to those feelings, its a crazy machine, but don’t worry, gov has psychiatric care covered in your insurance plan :hugs:

That one single show can ignite a whole new way of looking at things, I know you don’t have netflix, and I have no copay option, but its well worth the effort to hunt it down or just rent it.

If we eliminated diet and sin, guilt, stress, whatever you want to call it, enjoy just good healthy living, Dr’s could be Dr’s again, maybe even make house calls too, that would be something huh :grin:

The pill industry is really just a money industry, and you hit the nail on the head

That’s one they report as a good guy, but without those institutions they now just prescribe meds, many are nothing short of chemical lobotomies, then shootings go up, then gun rights are affected, but don’t worry, gov will keep you safe there too :+1:

So you see…


And now my Dharma puppers is gone. :cry:

As much as I adored her, she was just too much puppy for us to handle right now. With my health acting the way it is, I can barely get through a shift at work right now and I don’t have the energy to play with her and train her like I should. Wife couldn’t handle her because she was just too darn rambunctious. She was a good dog. She just had WAY more puppy energy that we could cope with. Plus we couldn’t break her from chasing the cats. She wasn’t trying to hurt them but the cats didn’t know that.

Anyway, we contacted the family we adopted her from thinking they may know of someone who was still looking for a puppy. Turns out they were willing to take her back because Mama dog has been depressed since the last of her puppies were adopted out. They came here yesterday afternoon and took Dharma back home with them. They have even sent us pics of Dharma and her dog mom playing and cuddling together. As much as I’m gonna miss that goofy puppy face, at least I know she is in a good home that will take care of her.


Sometimes doing the right thing is hard, but it sounds like you made the right call, and she’s going to be alright.


That’s a blessing that they will be happy and she has a good home. Ours are about 6 years and still act like pups .




Yep 100%


So I applied for short term disability this morning. I can’t even get through a full shift at work without my body saying “F this shit. We’re out of here.” Right now I’m missing more days than I actually go to work and when I do go, I only last about half the night.

I don’t think this $26,000 medication is working.


Wow thats tough, I hope you get the disability. Nothing tougher then not being 100%healthy and trying to work like you are.