If this is a true news report


time some people write to the news to correct or make statements that correct that wee incorrect fact



And this why they need a gun expert as their news editor in chief at the helm! Talk about fake news!


Where did you see this article? I’m not finding anything local like this. Do you know how old it might be?


it was just posted on my local forum


Well I’m guessing but I suspect it’s been edited to add the stupid shit at the end. Doubt that parts real.


it could be an attempt at “fake news” - do not see or find an evidence that it happened or when


the only “real” reference happened Aug 2014 but other than two officers (one being a trainee) the facts differ


so, where do we go to get one of these assault revolvers with high capacity magazines? maybe CNN has a few samples laying around that they no longer need?




thanks, srdiver. now we know they are “available” in stores.

Just need to find those stores.

(snicker, snicker)