If you could choose any Class III


If you could choose any class 3 firearm to have right now, no questions asked, what would it be?
I’d go with an old Sten MkII. It was just a neat gun that was the direct product of function over form, with plenty of history to go with it.


And I may yet get one



so hate you if you do


The Sten MKII would be my choice as well. Minute of bad guy accuracy combined with pure simplicity. Once you build the semi auto version you want the real thing.


I’m going to be boring and just ask for a burst AR variant with free float barrel and a good trigger. If the trigger isn’t any good, then I wouldn’t care about the FA/Burst switch. A sub gun would be a good second choice, but I’m not completely sure which one I would want. I’ve fired a handful, and there’s a few others that I want to try.

I’m more interested in a quality trigger than firing multiple rounds per trigger press.

Machine guns are a ton of fun, but don’t interest me from a practicality (or ammo cost) aspect.


how about the ability to abuse any AR you want?


Yeah, there’s a few products out there like that. That certainly would be really cool.

Also would alleviate some of the concerns about wear and tear and breakages. I watched a video of a squib destroy a FA M-16 during a mag dump. That lower… just gone… so sad.


A fully auto model 1921 “Tommy gun” with a 45 cal suppressor, or integrally suppressed barrel.


Assuming I still get to keep my current machine guns, I would want to add a



The first full auto I shot was a Thompson with my dad for my 13th birthday. What an awesome gun.


This is SUPER EASY for me. Except no substitutes!


What about ammo for that beast @Mister_Torgue?


Pfft, details details… :thinking:


For me I would pick a Inkunzi PAW!


No worries @Mister_Torgue the ammo is 70-75 cents a round and is available.


They are a blast!


BMW obviously pays very well,

my jealousy runs deep


I am incredibly jealous.



  1. BMW does not pay well. They pay OK. I stay for the people I work with. Otherwise I would have taken one of Tesla’s offers.
  2. It’s only a parts kit with a solid aluminum upper. I don’t want to cut up our history making it a real firearm or pay the government an extra $200 for a SBR tax stamp.
    Now the HK G3A4… that one is going straight to the mill as soon as I get some garage time.


Jelly Bryce is awesome. I think my favorite law man is Captain Frank Hammer of the Texas Rangers.

He carried a Smith and Wesson model 1905 “the first M&P” and the Remington model 8.