If you could only have 5 guns

IWI Jericho 941 F9
IWI Jericho 941 F40
PWS MK118 Mod 2-M .223 Wylde
PWS MK116 Mod 2-M 7.62x39
IWI X95 18,5" barrel 5.56 version

Ones that we own or any in the world?

Doesn’t matter. So hypothetically speaking or IRL. Your call.

  1. BCM recce, M-lok 16”.
  2. AI 50BMG.
  3. Glock 17 gen 2.
  4. Walther WA2000 in .300 win mag.
  5. Super fluted vepr .308.
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Isn’t 4. Unobtainium? That’s basically the guideline. Must be civ legal (pref. non-NFA item) and actually on the market.

Well I own most of them. None of them are illegal to own. I passed up a Walther WA2000 8 years ago on gunbroker.com. It’s price tag was 28,000.00.
You said “Doesn’t matter. So hypothetically speaking or IRL. Your call.”

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Yeah but within the parameters of availability. I forgot to mention that.

Ok, good for you. Because Walther doesn’t make them anymore. You’re really one of the lucky (very) few. To my knowledge only 200 or so were made.

Ok, well I will take the BCM, change the AI 50 for my COBB/ bushmaster .50 BMG. Keep my Glock 17. Change the walther for a POF P300, and of course my super fluted vepr in .308.


This is blasphemy!!! Only 5 guns?!??!?! Ok ill play along I guess:

Nemisis arms vanquish 308
Glock 19 gen 4 or 5
Some kind of Kelby panda build
Armalite Ar30 338 Lapua… Edit: Actually I’d do the Accuracy International AX/AXMC in .338
Falcor defence Eclips 9mm


This is too hard. This will change often me thinks. As I type this I have to decide where to put a Luger P08.

In no order after #1.

  1. WWI M1911
  2. Star BM
  3. Mosin Nagant (Finnish M39)
  4. Karabiner 98k
  5. Sturmgewehr StG 44 / MP43 / MP44

I guess I love the old stuff.


Happy to see glock keeps making its way into the lists :smile:

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Do You know what you should never do and would be illegal? * machine a sleeve to have the grenade launcher be a master key!

never ever do this! it would be illegal.

  • Disclaimer: This post is for fun and has no pictures of any illegal material in it. Further more there where no animals hurt in the creation of this post, maybe a snowflake or two.

Five guns? Yikes.

A nice .20 gauge double barrel for grouse and upland game. I have a Ithaca/SKB 200-E with three sets of double-barrels. THE ADMIRAL has instructions to place that with me in the coffin.

A concealed pistol. Currently my S&W M&P 9 Shield w/o thumb safety & MagGuts springs/follower to get 10 rounds (the most NY idiocy allows). I guess I’ll play that - it’s small for what it holds, I shoot it well and I can’t conceal much larger.

A good whitetail rifle. My county/deer region only recently opened up for centerfire rifle. I went with a .260 Rem in a Savage M11. I’ve kind of grown to like it. With a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40mm it does all I could need for whitetail.

And a body HAS to have a .22 LR pistol and rifle.

Not sure which I prefer between my Rossi pump .22LR and my old Stevens 84C bolt action scoped .22 LR. Both have been with me long time. Neither are the best of their breed. But I guess I’d have to go with a good bolt-action .22 LR.

Pistol - I have a Ruger Super-Single Six 6-1/2" that is a fine shooter. I also like the Ceiner kit on my Colt Officer’s - but THE ADMIRAL has grabbed that. I guess I’ll play the Ruger. I have a nice Triple-K belt and holster and it has accounted for a lot of garden pests.

One more. At my little hobby farm I have Guinea foul and when they and the chickens go berserk I grab my little .223 Rem carbine on a T/C Contender frame with a 3-9x40mm (unless it’s after dark and then it’s the .20 SXS). But it is a single shot. That focuses the mind. But I guess I would go with something having faster than 1:12" twist and a magazine. But I hate chasing brass to reload. So I guess I’d go for a bolt-action .22 Nosler.

But until I win the lottery . . .

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Does ATF measure from the muzzle of the insert? Isn’t 18" the minimum?

it depends on the total length of the shot gun or the type of handle the shot gun has. there is also the “other” category. in most cases a master key is a controlled item and I do not recommend any one make one for obvious reasons. I will change my post and/ or censor it for you.

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not sure I could give the same answer twice, but here goes (attempt #1):

  1. .38 snubby
  2. 9 mm ccw
  3. large caliber handgun
  4. pump shotgun
  5. high power rifle
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True. Photos… :drooling_face:

I’d do a dolphin stock for the Kelby.


@Robert I would like to see more of that drilling shotgun. I have an over/under shotgun rifle combo I’ll be packing up in a few days. I’ve never shot the dang thing.

Maybe I should start a safe queen thread.

Hmmm, 5 guns.

Here’s my list, Listing only what I own and in no particular order.

  1. M4 patterned AR. (parts availability and ammo)
  2. MK12mod0. (Again parts and ammo plus better at extended range)
    3 Browning B2000, (12ga my dad owned. Great for birds and other small game)
  3. AR-7 or Remington 597. (Toss up as a good .22 rimfire is a must IMO)
  4. 1911 (Was going to choose my XD45 but the 1911 is more user friendly when fixing or replacing parts than a XD)

On my list to buy currently

1 - CZ P-10 Compact 10rd FDE Flat Dark Earth
2 - SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1911 Loaded .45 ACP 5in Pistol

5 - Daniel Defense DD5 V2 18" Keymod 308 DD5V2