If you had to bug out on foot

If you had to bug out on foot,

how many pounds of equipment & gear do you intend on carrying on your person? (rough estimate)

Do you wish to elaborate on any specifics on what you’d be taking with you?

If you have immediate family, do you have any intentions on having them carry anything?

Will they be carrying similar items as you or something completely different?

Of course, I respectfully understand that one’s overall health, fitness and conditioning are going to play a major role in getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ in a safe and timely fashion, especially if point ‘B’ is considerably many miles away. So, with that in mind,

Can you estimate approximately how many miles you, and/or your entire family, could possibly walk in a day’s time if survival was the objective?

Please consider this only scenario when answering - there are NO enemy combatants that you will be confronted with and/or there will be No abnormal geographic obstructions to restrict you from walking anywhere as needed.

I’m very interested in what would be a good rule of thumb for walking long distances having gear & equipment with me & my family and survival is the ultimate goal.

Hopefully, your response could provide me and perhaps others, a better perspective and understanding if the S were to HTF and traveling by foot was the key for one’s survival.

Appreciate it,

thank you!


Heres a good article. You Want Me To Carry What!!!??? Part Two | MountainGuerrilla

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I keep mine basic, I have an emergency bag with bssic food,water and medical basics and I have a backpack with that stuff plus mags, gorilla tape, small spare parts kit for my guns, small survival kit with a one of them filter straws, some water purification tabs and a collapsible canteen. Ive also got a small fire starting kit. I will go through my pack more later but tis is what I can think of off the top of my head. I wouldnt carry any more than 30lbs or so though, my pack weighs way less then that.


I read half of that article so far and I have picked up a few good tips so far, like the snares. I thought that was real good idea. I’m also picturing in my head just what this guy would look like as I’m reading, which so far, sounds like my worst nightmare, lol!

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All his material is good.

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Oh that would suck to bug out on foot. I have arthritic knees, hip and shoulders. I would probably only carry very little. The wife couldn’t carry much either so yea we need some sort of wheeled vehicle or an equine.

I would almost immediately “obtain” at least a bike or equine or some such.


When I was a lot younger fifty to sixty pounds was doable but now I think a limit of forty five is tops…I did Philmont twice in my late teens.


I finally finished reading his shared tips and information;.I agree, plenty of good stuff and he’s funny as can be about it…

Thanks again!

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Here another good one on critical thinking for survival.

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EMP attack is something that I don’t take lightly.

There’s plenty of information out there about what could possibly happen if or when such an event was to occur. That’s why I what to make to sure that if I needed to bug out by simply walking, I at least have good Idea what I may need and what I might be up against. Yes, walking wouldn’t be ideal, but may be necessary.


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Another great article and I absolutely agree with him!

I’m going to continue reading more of his blog and I subscribed to it, so thank you for turning me on to his stuff!

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Ask yourself why wouldn’t this be apart of mainstream news? Originally reported thru other publications on 7/18/18


Just another example to be best prepared to move to safer grounds at a moment’s notice.


I think they are just waiting to see if they can pin this on Trump somehow.

Got to get your news from multiple sources and decipher what is really relevant. .

Equipment – Mason Dixon Tactical

This is another good blog

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:sunglasses: I’ll check it out, thanks!

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IDK, please enlighten me and explain why?

Yes, that I do know. I do not believe the attachment isn’t far off base.

So, are you saying that the US media is any different by not spewing propaganda? I think not.

Anyhow, perhaps I should have used a different example. Still, I think my point is fairly clear on being prepared for the unexpected wheaher it’s natural or man made.

Appreciate you sharing, thanks!

Parts of the park is closed currently and yes, there was an “urgent evacuation” within Yellowstone. People are not allowed near the area at this moment.