If you had to bug out on foot

Here’s another article that appears to have a more scientific logic to it. There seems to be little information available about any officials current activity regarding this particular event in my opinion.

So take it for what it’s worth I suppose.

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you won’t last long if you have no where to go that is well supplied…there will be enemy all around you, those that don’t even have a good pair of boots or a rain coat…there is always enemy…if you have small kids or someone in bad health you will be in a world of hurt…as soon as the toilet paper runs out, no where to get warm and dry and the food runs out…

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I bet you are a hoot at parties. :sunglasses:

OP asked…I could have given the liberal answer and said the government will send you a nice RV to use…


Here’s a guy that I’ve been following for quite some time.

He monitors all the earthquakes from around the world. I also like his dry sense of humor. Below is his 13 minute report regarding the recent Yellowstone story. Basically, we have nothing to worry about at this time, but who knows what tomorrow may bring.

I suppose if I had to bug out on foot to a different location it would be a bit troubling and time-consuming on what I would bring. Obviously several weapons , an AR-15 or tavor in hand, an AR-15 stripped across my back, pistol in leg holster and in tac vest which is full of loaded pmags and Pistol mags. My Southern belle & two kids would be equipped with AR-15s and handgun as well. I have a large elk-deer/ cart that makes moving several hundred up to 800 pounds fairly easy for one person. the cart would be loaded down with a few ammo cans, food, freeze dried etc., Medical , and change of clothes. All present will have backpacks (most packs id keep under 40lb, except mine, my bag id keep under 90lb)with emergency rations, lifestraws , bottled water tarp for shelter and some other necessities. I guarantee you there’s roll of toilet paper in each bag too! LOL I have several location setups, so depending on Emergency, that would dictate how far I have to travel. I definitely would stay off the beaten path, others always tend to be a threat, especially in a grid down or emergency situation. I would assume distance traveled would depend upon group physical ability/fatigue or having reached a safe location to stop till rested or safe to move again.

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Ever read any of Selcos stuff? He survived the Balkan war and served in a military somewhere over there. His stuff does read a little like a sales pitch at times because he is an instructor but his stuff seems pretty legit. The links I posted are a couple of my favorite writers on this subject. I will give you time to read them before I bombard you with anymore lol


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One thing people seem to have the misconception about is what “bugging out” is. Its not packing up and becoming a refugee, or it shouldnt be unless unavoidable.

Heres a part of that article from Selco that really liked. He sure has a way with words.

"Right moment
Guy figured out that SHTF, something happening in the city, hears screams outside, shots, confusing news on TV, he rounds up his family, puts all bags in his car, they are armed and they go out in order to reach their bug out location in hills some 50 miles away.

After one mile of traveling angry mob who just plundering local mall stops the car, pull them out, and beat them, and then kill the guy, he managed to kill few of them before that, but they were hundreds.
He is dead. End of story."

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Looks like I’ll have plenty of reading to do… Appreciate all the references. I’ll check them out. I’ll follow-up with one of my own later. That will be one that has much sentimental value to me. I’ll explain later.

Thanks so much!

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up to 800lbs on a cart fairly easy for one person ??? does it have a motor on it ? all your weapons, loaded vest and a 90lb pack…you the Hulk ? I would love to see someone with a 60lb pack, weapons/loaded vest and a cart with just 500 lbs. move anywhere off the beaten path…

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@rjburk lol, cart is rated for 800, I’d pack it lil lighter. I’m not green but I handled 90lb pack proficiently.

90lbs? How long did you have to carry it?

90lb pack, weapon and loaded vest would destroy the best conditioned Army Ranger or Green Beret in a couple miles off the beaten path…you should make a video showing proficiency with 90lb pack along with just 200lbs. on cart off the beaten path… here is what I can tell you from experience off the beaten path from Afghanistan…The best young studs can’t go far or fast with 90lb. pack, weapon and ammo…and that is with no cart…even on flat smooth ground you won’t get far with that load, you will dumping stuff as fast as you can unload it…the reason for the old Military saying ( Travel light, Freeze at night ) is because you can’t go far or fast with much weight…If SHTF you won’t get far thinking you can take that kind of a load…

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oh no! I didn’t say my ass would be dragging the cart with it LOL that’ll be somebody else’s in the parties job

only a few miles with that kind of weight with some nice rests in between. definitely not trekking up Mount Everest by any means

I thought you were Clark Kent for a second.

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your post is all over the place…just a thought, maybe you should be a lot clearer when you post…you have added and changed a lot since then…

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Jesus said not to grab anything and to “And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter.”

with this heat, I pray it not be.:pray:

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Is this “Jesus” one of them illegal cubans that floated over to Florida on a tire? If so, you probably shouldnt listen to him.

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