If you had to pick just two rifle calibers for life, what's your pick


Mine are 17HMR and 6.8spc II
Two great all around rounds that cover all the different games in my neck of the woods. Sound off, what’s your two caliber choices.


5.56 and .308


No squirrel meat for you :grin:


If im real careful lol


5.56 & .308 for me too. If I cant kill squirrel then theres always humans to munch on.


This is taking a turn lol


Theres a reason I put BBQ sauce and Tapitio in my BOB.


300BO & 50BMG



Still .410 & 22short on the table :sunglasses:


Why a .50?


12 gauge & .308 with today’s market.



5.56 for my daily ARs and 7.62x54 because Nagant. Seriously, that rifle is a multitool; part rifle, part paddle, club, spear, pole-vault, flotation device, tent stake…


Removes lots of obstacles

Police snipers disabled the van by firing a .50 caliber round through its engine block at around 4:30AM local time, some four hours after the initial attack occurred.

After an initial call to police and sporadic verbal exchanges, negotiations broke down with the suspect. Fearing that the van was packed with explosives, snipers once again brought their .50 caliber rifles to bear, this time firing through its front windshield, killing the suspect.


Have a new 300bo bolt action on the way. 300bo with Q Full Nelson suppressor is such a quiet combo




I would hate to carry a .50 around. That thing has to weigh 25lbs.


Well…you could always chose to hide from one…


7.62x54r and .22LR.


22 & 308.


I’m going to go with 22lr and 6.8 , 223 almost bumped 22 off but it’s more funner with a suppressor.