If you had to relocate what state would you move to?


I’m gonna be buying a home soon - I hope… my minimum is 20 acres outside the city so I can have a backyard rifle range. I have a lot of plans for my range…



very nice, Mister_Torgue !

I may have to check out Idaho and Montana. Never been to either of them.


How about your own town?


No thanks. Wrong direction and too close to areas I do not like. :+1:


I have messed up and left Alabama twice. Once for tennessee and once for texas. Thankfully my wife loves it here and absolutely will not let us move anywhere else lol


The sale is being held on Craigslist


I used to do a lot of back roads through GA and theres some real sad areas :frowning_face:


I’m not there now but I Left Calif for Utah 21 years and never looked back. I was North of Ogden and South of Brigham. Idaho is a nice state also. You really should make a trip out there. Not sure where you inlaws are but Vegas is a good half way spot if you don’t want to make the hour and a half/ two hour flight. My buddies are trying to get me out to the pan handle of Florida.


At least your on the edge of the frying pan :fried_egg:


I would prefer living in the state of confusion.
Mostly because I’m already there and won’t have to pack anything for the move.


So much for that idea…My buddies house is well…gone.


Sorry about your friend’s loss of his house, Rampart.

Hope he/they are okay (otherwise).


Ground zero it sounds?


Tennessee river valley or Kentucky or Texas
I’d stay away from anything close to yellow stone or the Nevada test area
Moauntains and rivers preferably


Outside of Idaho I would avoid the NW area, liberals are more a concern than volcanos or test sights, imo.


What about Wyoming, but not close to Yellowstone (assuming that is possible)?

Seems like it ought to be nice / good.




I think Giantspeed gave his answer lol


Right where I’m standing and where ever I go!


Liberals can be dealt with
Natural disasters and your fucked lmao