If you still have YouTube channels

Why am i writing about YouTube here?
Because that community of viewers needs to be maintained so that it can come over to Full30 when YouTube finally kills the channel(s)

Why today’s post about YouTube?
Because they just released the copyright tool that automatically finds your content on other channels. For example if someone downloaded your video and posted it on their channel to make money off of.

Does the tool work?
Yes, i just submitted a removal request to 5 channels to take down my videos.

Where is the tool?
You find it in the creator studio menu. The new Studio, not the classic.


Only applies to other YT channels correct?


Anyone that still has a YT channel should be encouraging their subscribers to come here. If you have a channel that even touches on firearms, it’s not a matter of if they delete, it’s when. And it will happen when you least expect it. Mine went bye bye on a Sunday morning at the end of the month, that way they can keep all the income you earned over that month. Trust me, they don’t care, and they WILL delete your channel.



Agreed. When i start making videos again, i will be talking about full30, telling people to make accounts and subscribe.

The issue is that there is still a variety of content on youtube. People will not be coming over completely. But it is good for them to know where to go to see firearms content.


What really is interesting in our gun community is the amount of people always saying they want a gun community / platform that they can support. Yet when it comes along and has all the tools to make it a success they find something or someone to complain about. No doubt youtube allows you to reach a broader audience but if that audience will in no way will support our way of life whats the point? Hopefully more people will you fb/ig/youtube to steer others to gun related communities like full30


Oh yes… I tell people about Full30 and they sort of yawn…
BUT I know why! They want the place to be more like facebook or Instagram. Something they can just scroll through and not interact let alone read.
Oh… did I just say what is wrong with our society?! Dear me!


I still have my YT channel and can’t do much of any thing here, I reserved my channel name but have never gotten the ok for my channel.


Keep an eye out, might be soon for you.


Yeah on my ig its set up as business so i can see views. Its amazimg so pix get 5 to 10k plus views and only a few likes. People just want to scroll. That is until u post a seal shot with a suppressef rifle lol then everyone has an opinion


It amazes me that I have gone to numerous other platforms including here and let me fans know where I am, I even have a full30 logo in all of my streams now playing the duration, yet I still get people who email me “where are your build videos” or “sucks that you don’t build any more”. Or this jem “you turned on the gun community because you deleted your videos”. Hit that search bar guys. You will find me.
Sigh. This just shows you how lazy the 2a community really is. It’s like watching your chickens get picked off by a weasel and not doing anything to stop them.




On my twitter page I’m posting all the time, We need to support the sites that support us, be sure to subscribe to my channel at Full30. Yes, some have done that. But here I am 8 months or so after starting my channel, and I got 326 subscribers. When screwtube deleted my channel and I made a new one and posted that, I got 520 in two days. Personally, I don’t post videos that are linked to YT, and I avoid going there if I can.


Hi all,

First, the post was for people with YT channels to check if their content was being stolen/used by others to make money off of.

I have a bunch of thoughts on the topics you bring up, let me try to get them all out here.

Why YouTube? I mean why did we all at some point join YouTube? Who do many of us still use YouTube?

To me the answer is pretty simple - content variety. I can watch Shapiro, Dice, Stix, Tucker, Crowder, college reform, etc for political discussion, to watch snowflakes get owned, get their take on what is going on…
Then i can watch dashcam videos, police body cam videos, news, diy channels, wood carving, product reviews, etc.
My wife watches cooking in addition to news, and political discussion videos.

We all have a multitude of interests, so do all people. A platform like YouTube still offers a “one stop shop” solution for lets say 99% of interests/entertainment. They obviously started squeezing out conservatives and firearms specifically, and i have responded with that feedback to their leadership a number of times. Basically, every chance i get to submit feedback i tell them how they are making a mistake by punishing their own community.

Gun specific platforms are by default a niche market for content. It is awesome that we have them and Full30 in particular. The platform allows a safe place for the firearms related content and if/when YouTube does a sweep and close down every single firearms channel people looking for that specific content will go to Full30, UGETube, GunStreamer, etc.

But… they will steer right back to YouTube for everything else. The only way people will truly abandon a platform like YouTube is when it becomes a niche cotent platform and when other platforms become a Variety of Content platforms.

Just my $0.02



I just watch Sabbath videos

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Are there Sabbath videos on Full30?
By the way i like that track “sweet leaf”. Godsmack performs it pretty well.


No, & I hate Sabbath covers/tributes

Do like Godsmack a lot though

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Did you ever listen to “House of Rising Sun” performed by Five Finger Death Punch? Check it out.

Also not on Full30 i believe


Yeah, like it, like covers in general, but Sabbath, Ozzy, Geezer, Tony & Bill,should not be covered IMO

Its like the Bible, have to pick one and stick to it :sunglasses:


I joined many years ago because of their claims of free exchange, paying for content, etc. Over the years they started to go back on that. Deciding what content was worthy. Not following their own rules, not being clear what was the issue. They started to limit channels, you don’t have 1000+ subscribers, you can no longer monitize. You must reach $100 for a payout. Small channels never reach that milestone. Then they started limited the videos without cause, again, to limit income.

My theory is this. Youtube over sold. They don’t have enough advertisers to cover the demand. So cut back the smaller channels. This still didn’t work, so they started cutting back on videos, then finally the outright removal of channels. This may be a short term fix, but in the long term, it will hurt them. This makes it next to impossible for a new channel to start up. The cost is huge with software and equipment. I have well over $10k in my studio. I was making OK income from YT. Starting over from scratch is a pain, and that’s what I’m doing here at F30.

My 2 cents.


I agree with you, and i am sure you have let them know about their hypocrisy.

But the question is, do they still have a variety of content and how would we get people to come over?

And i guess i should have been more specific in my questions of why we joined YouTube. I meant not as content creators but as content consumers. After all, we get support for the site through add revenue, so people have to watch videos to create the reach for the advertisers. How do we get watchers onto Full30? To anwer that one could first answer the questions of why they watch content on YouTube.