If you were starting your collection from scratch, what order of guns would you purchase?


If I were starting my collection from scratch, or someone wanted to get started in guns, this would be my recommended order of buying guns.

  1. 9mm double stack
  2. .223 “pmag adapter” rifle (I’d recommend an AR-15)
  3. .22lr training rifle
  4. .22lr training pistol
  5. Bolt action long range rifle in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor (If you have the budget, an AR-10)
  6. PCC (great for home defense and training)
  7. Upgrade optics and triggers
  8. 12 Gauge shotgun (unless you want to go bird hunting, then this would be higher)
  9. Mil spec for fun rifle (like a Garand)
  10. Repeat entire list until you’ve sold everything else you own

Quite the subjective list, so I’m curious what everyone else’s recommended order would be.


Good subject. it’s almost sidetracking me to thinking in hindsight what should I have bought rather than all the things I’ve bought & wish I hadn’t lol


I definitely wouldn’t have made several of my early purchases.

My first handgun was a .40 instead of a 9mm. I waited too long to get a .22lr. I bought a .22lr that I didn’t like and sold. I probably should have bought my 6.5 Creedmoor in a different order and/or spent less money on it. I LOVE that rifle, but I probably would have been better off with something different.

I also wish I went to more classes earlier on. I would be better than I currently am.


Ironically most of what I’ve accumulated was almost in the order I would have done it. I only would of changed buying my Star BM first the Mosin Nagant second…and a hell of a lot sooner.



EDC pistol - minimum 9mm
Pump .22 LR rifle
Double barrel 20 gauge shotgun
Deer rifle - currently rubbing and purring up against my .260 Rem bolt-action.

After that it’s for fun.

Scoped .22 LR rifle.

Then some more pistols. :wink:

I probably wouldn’t repeat the mil-surp rifles because they’re just too damn expensive now (ammo for them as well) so I would next go with a heavy-barrel varmint rig. The .224 Valkyrie is looking good. I might even break down for a MSR . . . maybe.

If I hunted waterfowl I probably would have gone with a pump or semi 12 ga second.


I couldn’t or wouldn’t afford some of my “collectibles” now.
Ie; My used mint $300 Python,[bought in '79] would still be in the store at the $2k + they want now.

Wouldn’t pay today’s prices for much of our items that became collectibles while we owned them.


It’s very unfortunate isn’t it?

Milsurps in particular are stupid expensive due to import restrictions. I really wish those would get lifted.