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Might be new here but I ain’t new.

Cagey Industry guy- 8 years in a retail gun shop as a buyer, Nightforce Optics (Sales), Advanced Armament Corp, Silencer Shop (Sales), Gemtech (New Product Development), and now I work for a regional rep agency.

I’m into long walks on the beach under nods and threading everything I can get my hands on.


Welcome! Im an aquarius that likes long walks on the range and the smell of gunpowder in the morning.



Welcome to Full30 @ikickhippies Good to have you here. 8 years? You just a youngling. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome @ikickhippies
Great to have you here.
Anyone who kicks hippies, is a welcomed friend to me!


Welcome to the forum Brother! I love the name!




He seems like a hippie abuser, those poor smelly hippies just want some lovin.


Haha creepin on the beach!! Good to have you here!







and @gunarchy

You guys crack me the hell up. You all are going to fit in perfect here.


Let me add my belated welcome.

Looks like you got a noggin we can pick on some gadget recommendations for sure.

As for the name “ikickhippies”, what the hell is a hippie these days? All the hippies I know (or knew) of are all fine capitalists today. It’s these millennial / socialist / antifa types we need to be kickin’.

But I understand the “spirit” of the name and you’re gonna fit in well here and have a great time.


There are hippies in Eugene and Springfield Oregon. They are just SJWs of a different flavor.


Not defending or arguing here but “hippies” back in the day weren’t SJWs so much. You’d find them living in communes, which sounds kinda socialist, but in those communes if you didn’t work you didn’t eat. They were almost more akin to the peppers of today. Raising their own food and seeking freedom from the man. They just wanted the government out of their (really long) hair.

Just having fun here and maybe showing ikickhippies what can happen to an innocent thread.


Really, my great uncle would say otherwise, he remembers them being dickheads to him and his fellow Marines when returning home from Vietnam. Then theres the orgies , and political correctness …sounds pretty sjw too me. They have the same spoiled attitude just more environmentally aware than most dildo flinging antifa members, imo.


Well spot on as to the way returning vets were treated. That was just wrong on every level.
I’m pretty crusty myself so I remember (some) hippies first hand. The morals of the late 50’s and early 60’s did go out the window as well. But the political correctness I blame mostly on the media. To a fairly large degree I blame the media as well for the attitudes toward the Vietnam vets. That’s when the news started its morph into opinion and commentary.
The SJW angle was also largely started by the “entertainment” world. John Lennon was not a hippie. He was a socialist for sure and sheep followed. But the hippie movement was mostly dead and buried at Woodstock.


Then I should say there is “neo- hippie things” in Eugene and Springfield Oregon. They have alot of the same beliefs as the older generations of hippies but with lazy newer generation attitudes and a slight hipster vibe.


Now that’s a new classic. Love it.


Welcome to Full30, ikickhippies.

Strange name - what caused you to choose it?

Do you really go around kicking hippies?