Ill say it until im blue in the face. Fuck the NRA.

sounds like an extremely poorly run , foolishly run company undeserving of any membership money until they correct themselves. This kind of Corrections are supposed to be made by the president of the organization. The fact that they have not and have Fallen to such disarray, proves the president is not doing his job and should be thrown out by the board. Again, just my opinion


To better explain how the NRA Board and executive directors work: here is the Enemy Within himself explaining it-


not sure what you are actually asking here. if you dispute my claim, feel free to research it or better yet get involved with youth organizations, FNRA reps, etc and they will back that up. if your questions is simply based on what you ask, my feelings are this… the ILA is using the “power” of the NRA name because they know what it wields, why does it wield that power, because of the ground work that is being done and has been done under that name for more than a century. as for how we stop them from using that, not sure. it is possible that the board could resolve some of those issues. in talking with board members i know who are true 2a people, they seem to think if they had the numbers they could at the very least call for more transparency as far as what the ILA takes, they could stop the ILA from using the NRA as their banner and that they could potential set up a system by which your contributions and memberships can be restricted from being used by the ILA. if you want them to go to education, by God they go to education, period. now, like much o what is talked about in regards to the NRA/ILA, we just don’t know what can actually be done until we can move as one unit and actually try to make something happen.


i don’t have anything good or bad to say about Adam. i have been trying to get to know him a little better over the last few months but communication with him… like many other “high profile” individuals in our community seems difficult at best. i would very much love a private conversation with him, maybe even a public podcast discussion because i have talked to several existing board members and some of what he says does not line up with what they say… which is one of the problems. we need to know without a doubt how this all works if we are ever going to actually devise a plan or plans to deal with it. make no mistake, the NRA/ILA after the last revolt set things in motion to make the waters of how members effect change very murky and difficult… the confusion that is causing dissent in our own ranks is by design. once people start to understand that, hopefully more are open to conversations about tactics we can use actually make a difference.


I was ready to walk away from the NRA myself, but someone at the GAOS explained it to me. Liberals have been trying to sow this dissent for years. First by trying to convince us it was really a lobby for the Big Gun Business, then by saying it’s too radical. And I believe they are helping push the narrative today that they are complicit (or secretly controlled by) the government. Each rings part true but the point is to cause a splintering.

We are a movement of addition and multiplication not division. Wether it’s the fuds, the mall ninjas, the preppers, the tacti-cools, the trainers, the FFLs, the gun smiths, the real and key board commandos, the III % ers, the Molon Labe, the hunters, the competition shooters, the reloaders, The collectors, or the gamers. We all have common cause. Once we start deviding the anti-liberty movement wins.

I was directed to Adam Kraut and others fighting the war within. I have now changed my mind from walking away to fighting a much harder battle to reseize the reigns.

Drops Mike… Explosions! Flags Flying! Eagle Screams! Walk into sunset.


if people would stop throwing money at the NRA, do you not think it would help them try to fix themselves? Offer better Solutions and transparency? If your local butcher Shoppe kept advertising fresh meat but every time you bought it it was rotted, would you keep paying him money for Fresh meat? Would that deter him from selling spoiled meat? If you quit spending your money with that merchants , he would either start selling the good product he was advertising or he would go out of business. if he did not correct his own mistakes, he deservingly so should go out of business


The problem is the Butcher (NRA) is the only business in town and is surrounded by Vegan restaurants and Starbucks. And the city is just waiting to re-zone the whole block to animal friendly once it leaves.

Also we get to vote who runs the butcher shop.


withholding dues for a while won’t put the NRA out of business but I believe it will get their attention.


I don’t really think member votes make a difference in board member selections, at least not now. The NRA will put who they want on the board, they are filling seats with those that lean more to the left. The NRA is no longer the “boogie man” of D.C., it’s more like their puppet. Politicians want us to think that the NRA is on our side, while it undermines our rights. So yeah, fuck 'em. If they start to collapse, then maybe they will get the hint that we’re not gonna take their crap any more. But I doubt the NRA will collapse to that point, there are to many powerful investors in the NRA to have it fall and these investors are not on the people’s side. My money is going to the GOA, as well as a few Texas firearm groups.


Sorry I’m not throwing more “Beer” around to all of your responses. I like rigorous debate :sunglasses: I’m just out of Beer for the day :sob: Hit my daily limit! You guys should start saying more awful shit on here :beer::beer::beer:


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I certainly don’t want to see any gun organization die, I do think the NRA needs re structuring. I do feel it has become a cash cow for itself. I have seen several things they have done I disagree with.

I do realize what they are doing, they are trying to appease the left liberal agenda on these mass shootings. But I am old and set in my ways. I DO NOT want to give anything to the libtards.

Let em protest and bitch and whine, it’s funny watching them cry in the streets cause they didn’t get their way. like a damn two year old throwing a temper tantrum. The NRA was wrong for giving these goobers anything. they can’t see past the dollar bills comin in.

Nothing the NRA does will pacify a liberal…NOTHING…give them nothing, feed em fish heads. they sold us out on the automatics years ago. I would have told the libs to GFY on the bump stocks.

Give them an inch and they will take a mile. I’m at the age now where I don’t give a shit about someone wanting to take my rights away. So much I could say but I won’t.

with that said, I don’t want them to go under, hell, put Ted Nugent in there. He don’t take nothing off the whiners and haters. The current squirrel running it should be ousted.

Ok off rant now.


Well said sir :beer: and Ted Nugent IS Running for the board :ar15: one a very few people I voted for on the ballot!


im all for letting GOA take over the NRAs position. They are the ones actually duking it out in court anyway.


Oh I agree!! I support GOA a lot more but we can’t put our biggest and most feared lobby to pasture until another is set to take over. And why not try changing it before we go scorched earth. If the NRA fell tomorrow about a dozen groups would fill in. The the leftist can easily divide our movement and pick us off one by one.

The NRA is the biggest and for now is a major line of defense. The only one who will be pleased when they fall is the left. Even if someone fills the void they will gain huge momentum and public perception that they “crushed the NRA” and every media story will run that David and Goliath story probably dragging Hogg out for a victory lap.


And as you can see the NRA is still their boogie man-


Giving money to the NRA, is like giving money to Planned Parenthood, and still being against abortion. No amount of mental gymnastics is going to justify it.


Some serious mental gymnastics :woman_cartwheeling: went into that statement. Tearing down the NRA instead of trying to fix it, is what the Left wants. Pulling your money from one group and giving it to another is not activism, it’s arm chair quarter backing.

Advocating is writing officials, marching with like minded officials, writing op eds, meeting with elected officials, and making the groups you belong to responsible to its members wishes.
The Left is very good at what they do when their protests and boycotts meant nothing to the gun industry they are now buying up stock and infiltrating board rooms. Make no mistake they will try to destroy us from within.


You can insist that me not giving money to someone who historically has been willing to negotiate our liberties as armchair quarterbacking all you want.
The movement of “they own a gun, they are one if us” is like drinking lukewarm water.
What Your community needs to understand, is that owing a gun does not mean that that person is one of “us.”