I'll slap you right in the rat hole

How many times have you heard someone whine about the AR15 detent that went flying? It’s so small I’ll never find it. Next person, I hear complaining I’m going to slap them right in the rat hole

Well on the left is the tiny AR15 detent. On the right is the detent from a Derringer I was working on today.

Yep, it went flying. I heard it hit the bench, so I had a general idea where it had run off to. After several hours of crawling around the floor on my hands and knees, looking all over the bench, in all the trays. Heck, I even picked up the trash can and picked through all the nytril gloves, paint strainers, rolled-up paper towels, and empty packaging to only come up empty-handed. I even grabbed my super strong magnets and rolled them all over. Still no luck.

I sat there, defeated and sad. I thought more about where I heard the sound hours earlier. I stood up, looked around. Hmm, there’s a small shelf higher up, perhaps I should look. I moved something when I saw movement down on the workbench. I looked closely in a small parts try and I see a tiny shiny ball moving. Yep, found it.

I’m still missing a spring, but I’m feeling confident. What other choice do I have, I don’t have spare parts.


Guess you’ve not assembled an A2 rear site from scratch yet?

This one won’t make your list of gripes after you do :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I use very heavy magnets when dealing with this BS…
Yeah, that rear sight on an A2 can be… fun…