Illinois SB 337 has been signed into law.


This is going to be bad. Firearm registration is a slippery slope.

Illinois: Gov. Pritzker Signs Firearm Registration & Dealer Licensing Bill.



Thanks for sharing the news, even though it is bad.

I am glad I left Illinois, now. Never did like their gun laws even when I was there.


Wow more states are falling by the day. It’s getting scary folks.


Keep in mind the experiences Mayor Rahm Emanuel visited on Chicago regardless of laws, this law will not help but I think it less effective than the political points the Gov is trying to garner. Oh, also, Illinois was the state that Senator Obama hailed from before he used up lots of political favors as Pres.

Keep your Backs covered.


What I don’t understand is why Chicago hasn’t taught Illinois anything?!


Like most big citys they can control the whole state look at new york city what they say goes in New York and the rest of the state gets screwed.


New New York


Because the media is demoncrap sukbags.
When you mention the failure -crime- violence and mass murder in demoncrap cities - media actively hides the shit show because of the same reason FB sucks dnc knob. Cover up the incompetence and malfeasance of demoncraps


Don’t worry you get to keep them as long as you register them with the state police :rofl::rofl:


Sounds familiar


If the state takes firearms away (legally?) then please look to Great Britain success at stopping violence. Of course the state’s knife laws are reduced to dull blades. Human behavior goes back to a stone, Cain and Abel, 1 dead through violence.


the “ban” on handguns and semi-auto rifles made no difference immediately when coming into effect, and there has been a steady increase in firearm related crimes to date.


And so it continues.

Also, I am very disappointed to see people compare USA to Britain, or other countries.

We dont have to go far to compare effects of gun control. Plano, TX is example enough that contradicts any gun control initiative.

There is a reason there aren’t mass shootings at gun ranges. And for that matter, no mass stabbings, or any other mass anythings. Less gun control means more bad things will happen to bad people, therefore fewer bad things will happen to good people.

And I freaking love it that same people that talk about middle class being overtaxed will suggest that guns should be less affordable, more difficult to get, etc. How is that going to help middle class get guns?

The same people will try to say there is a Rape culture on college campuses will ban carrying a firearm on campuses.


Haha, my neck of the woods.



I used to live in the DFW area. Plano (back then, at least), is (was) a nice town.

What happened to it?


It’s trash John. The middle and upper class have started to and have moved to Frisco. Plano is a dying old money sort of city.



That is so sad. What about Richardson, Garland, and Lewisville?

Is the North Park area declining, too?

So many places I know and miss.


They all have their spots that are better or worse. They are not what they used to be. I would live in northern Plano again before the others.
I live an hour south of Dallas and have no desire to move back to the city. I really want to move further into the country without neighbors.



Well, you are in the right state for moving out…Texas being the 2nd biggest state in the country, there is bound to be plenty of places you can move to and get the environment you want.

Best of luck!


This one self-explanatory.