I'm baaack!

Had an unwanted pop-up that wouldn’t allow me to use my computer. It took 3 weeks to finally get a tech here to remove it and an additional 8 gigs of unwanted garbage. I could limp along with emails using a Kindle but for going online I think it would have been the pits. But one thing was driven home to me… I really dislike virtual keyboards.


That’s awfully bizarre :thinking:

I just found out I have to upgrade the server, just did a few days ago, and you show up…

things that make you go hmmmm


Welcome back, expect a restart soon people


BTW, if it happens again start in safe mode and check your most recent programs and/or registry add on’s, delete as necessary, save some time and money


Welcome back Brian, glad you didn’t have to Terminate it. How’s the pup doing?


The little Terrierizer is doing good. When we got her she weighed 8# and change, last Sunday she weighed 17.6# somewhere near 1/2 of her mature weight. So she’s growing like a weed. The breed has been described as being a big dog in a little body and that certainly describes her. She’s cautious but fearless is the best way I can describe her. And she’s intelligent.

She learned her name in a week. She knows “no” but tests us, as does any dog. She is house trained and had very few messes indoors. Now she goes to the door and sits to tell us she needs to go out. She learned “come” the first time. She has the attention span of a pup, but learns extremely rapidly. Some commands need to wait until she matures a bit more. But that doesn’t men I won’t try to teach them. She watches TV and not all dogs are capable of that.

I took her to the local gunshop to help socialize her. OK, she really doesn’t need that. She wanted to meet everyone there and had to be held back. Normally with our Rotties and Cane Corsos I would sit on a bench at a local mall, but the weather means I can’t do that with her. But she is so social now that there really is no need for more. Unless…

I need to find out what makes a therapy dog. When she matures and calms down she might be OK for that. We have a fairly large VA center not far from us and while the go’vermin definitely screws over the vets (the VA does what it can) I’d like to do what I can for them. Maybe a dog visit would help? But that’s all just speculation at this time. At this time she has 2 speeds, one is being on screech, the other is sleeping. Right now she’s sleeping so Shadow is having a break and I can be on the computer.

Here are some of the latest pix.

The chewed wood on the couch? All Shadows doing.

I don’t know how much larger she’ll get in height and length but I expect her to get beefier, more muscular and for the head to get larger and more aggressive looking.

Shadow (with her) is an American Staffordshire and they were bred from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, to be larger, so she’ll be sorta like an AmStaff but in miniature. He’s extremely good with her, and she’s good for him.

I think she’ll be one heck of a dog. She’s the smallest dog we’ve ever had, but we need to downsize.


She’s cute. I bet Shadow is enjoying the little Terrierist lol. What did you name her?

Anka has a similar look (Bullstaff x Boxer F1) but her face and body went the other way more longer than wide. She is finally calming down a bit now at 8.5 months and 60 lbs. I think she will bulk up some still, but won’t get much taller.

She has destroyed every toy we’ve given her except her ‘Rona’ ball. The chewing is incessant! This is the 1st dog that was so hyper and bullheaded that we’ve had to leave a lead on her 24/7 until a month ago or so. She is willful! She understands everything we say and knows what she is being instructed to do, but there is always a delay while she decides if she is going to comply or not. Unless there is a treat involved of course lol. She is definitely getting better though.

Enjoy the puppyhood while its there!


Yeah, we can see almost daily changes to her mentality.

She is our first winter dog so the wife chose Winter for her name. In practice it’s “Winnie”. I wanted Taxi. We live in rural Maine with few neighbors and I always wanted to be able to go outside and holler “Taxi!”. Maybe next time.

Training a dog in winter does have it’s advantages. I thought it would be a nightmare. But I think someone here suggested that it would be an asset and that was 100% correct. She decided to do her business ASAP to get back into the warm house. We have bidens (that would be turds) all over that need to be dodged but she’s house trained.


Lol very funny!

At least they are frozen, I find it helps with the ‘Poo Flinging’


We went and checked this out tonight, until hot pizza sounded better than freezing cold, then left


Poop patrol is waaaay easier with frozen “biden’s”